Five For Fighting In Love
Five For Fighting In Love

Five For Fighting In Love

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When you are searching out love on your own it tends to be a catastrophe. That is why it is always a good idea to employ a little magic when you are searching for a partner in love. What better magic to employ than that of the angels?! They are probably one of the most qualified beings to be able to find love for you. I mean, God is Love and He created them, so they know best. Either way, we created this piece by summoning five angels and setting their presence into this piece so that way you have access to them at all times to help you find that perfect romantic connection. There are five angels in total that we summoned into this piece. Here is who those five are:

Michael- he provides guidance, protection, and clearing. He ensures that we are in healthy relationships.

Jophiel- beautifies us and our partners inside and out, in order to allow for maximum compatibility and being able to get along.

Chamuel- He guides us in all things including romance and will guide you to your true twin flame.

Raphael- He is the one who will help your heart heal from past relationships where you've been hurt, in order to be able to give everything to your new relationship.

Raquel- He instills harmony in relationships and he also promotes healthy communication. This helps you not only find your correct partner but keep him/her once you find them.

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