Five Points of Abundance
Five Points of Abundance

Five Points of Abundance

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This piece contains a Leprechaun who is hundreds of years old. He was conjured from MacGillycuddy's Reeks. This is a very scenic mountain range in Ireland where you can find a vast assortment of wildlife, and metaphysical life alike. Anyway, he holds an ancient power called the Five Points of Abundance. The Five Points, for short, are five attributes that every mortal would love to excel in. This is why the leprechaun made the piece in the first place. He is all about helping humanity, not trying to deceive them. I guess he's trying to break the cycle. I know it seems predictable, but his name is Padraig and that is the name you will use when you are calling him forth.

Here are the Five Points of Abundance he grants you:

1.) Abundance in Wealth
2.) Abundance in Health
3.) Abundance in Love
4.) Abundance in Family
5.) Abundance in Luck

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