Flower Power:  Sexy Sexy Bang Bang

Flower Power: Sexy Sexy Bang Bang

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This piece is for those who have no confidence at all when it comes to dating.  I guess it could also be used by people who have confidence but just lack the "mojo" to close the deal.  Or, I guess it could just be used by someone who doesn't feel like putting the time and effort into getting to know somebody.  Look, I don't judge.  Sometimes it doesn't have to be intimate at all.  Sometimes, you just need to release some aggression or built up sexual frustration.  I get it.  Either way, this piece is called "flower power".  When you are in ownership of this piece, it will cause every member of the opposite sex (or same sex, if you swing that way) to become uncontrollably, sexually attracted to you.  This means that you can walk into the room and have your pick of the litter.  I know that there are men that boast and brag that they could have, "any woman in this join."  I highly doubt they are right.  I know there are ladies who boast the same thing.  I doubt they are right.  However, with this piece, whoever owns it will be right.  You can have them lined up, or you can take them one at a time.  The choice is yours.  This piece will also assure that you have the sexual ability and stamina to please all night long.  You know, sexy sexy bang bang.  If you don't feel like you are up for the task that night, simply leave the piece at home.  Its powers will only work if you are wearing it OR if you have it on your person, such as in your pocket.

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