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This is a second class relic with even more kicked up power. This is Saint Agatha the Saint for breast cancer. This relic is important for three reasons. One it is second class Saint which means this has some of the burial dirt inside of it. You can see it in the second picture. This also is THE Saint for one type of cancer, breast. This also was in on a session with a medium that called upon the Saint for miracles in anything having to do with the cancer.

To use this relic you may wear it but before doing so you would call on the Saint and ask for what you want. This relic doesn't have to be worn as jewelry and you can just carry it if you want to. You can even just leave it in your home as the only thing you need to do is hold it and ask for what you want.

This is very rare and the only one I have of it's kind.

If this piece is not sold in a few days just remind me to change the title. I just want to make sure that the person who it is intended for gets a chance to buy if they want it.

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