Four Revelations, Four GIfts
Four Revelations, Four GIfts

Four Revelations, Four GIfts

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This piece is the ultimate Revelation piece. I'm not talking about the Revelations that are found in the book of the Bible that goes by the same name. Rather, what I'm talking about are Revelations that are personalized for you. These Revelations will come from the four creatures/angels that revealed themselves to Ezekiel in the first chapter of his Book in the Old Testament. These creatures were very powerful angels referred to as Throne Angels. They are luminaries that surround the Throne of God. They are closer than the 24 Elders and they share in His knowledge.  


When they revealed themselves to Ezekiel they revealed themselves with four faces. Each one had the face of a human, the face of a lion, the face of an ox, and the face of an eagle. The face of the human represents the likeness of humanity to God, as we were created in his image. The lion represents the HEaven crown, the knowledge of God, and the presence of the Messiah. The Bull represents the angels and the white light diaspora of angels that exists through the universe that God has created. The Eagle represents spiritual freedom and regality. These are the characteristics of God.


Each of the four creatures also carried the wheel. The wheel had many eyes that could see in all directions. They carried with them a throne, which was the throne of God. The wheel represents the omnipresence of the Lord and the fact that he can see all things and knows all things. This is the unlimited wisdom of the universe since He is the one that has created it.  


The throne of God is self-explanatory. Ezekiel describes having seen God's presence as a brilliant metal and a holy fire. It was too much for him to take, so he threw himself facedown at the Earth. God, in all his brilliance and splendor, was not meant to be seen by the human eye. This is why it's important to receive the gift of baptism while still on Earth if you want to be able to see his face in Heaven.  


Anyway, the power that this verse subdues is the ability to bring forth the presence of God. He will deliver four prophecies to you. These will be four prophecies of knowledge, power, magic, or perhaps all three. I would love to be able to give in-depth details of how this piece will affect you, but the fact is that each person will be given four unique revelations that pertain to your life, nobody else's. Who you are and what you need to hear will be exclusive. Having said that, no matter who you are, you will receive some sort of white light, divine gift.  


This gift will come in the form of magic, messages, knowledge, wisdom, powers, abilities, etc. Keep your mind open, but you will be visited by angels with this piece, in whatever form they choose to take.  


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