Four Sparks of Supernatural
Four Sparks of Supernatural

Four Sparks of Supernatural

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This bracelet holds an entrapment spell that was cast for us by our friend, the Gypsy witch Grisselle.  This piece is called Four Sparks of Supernatural because it holds four supernatural beings whose magic you can use to better your own life.  After all, isn't that what we're all after?  A better life?  These magics are very powerful and the piece has been pre-activated, so you don't need to do anything except wear the bracelet in order to spark their arrival. 

Here are the four supernatural entities that you get when using this piece-- 

1.) Avalonian Fairy-- Originally created by Morgana LeFey, we captured this fairy because it brings the ability to "fly" through the astral realms in order to astral travel to wherever you'd like. 

2.)  Leprechaun--   He's short, with a big beard that almost goes down to the floor. Sometimes he's ornery, other days he's in a better mood.  No matter, because regardless of what mood he's in, he has been bound into this piece for one reason and one reason only:  to bring you wealth. 

3.)  Crypt Walker-- You can think of a crypt walker kind of like a fairy, except they spend all of their time in graveyards guiding lost spirits on their journeys into the ever after.  There are tons of them.  Trust me, taking one is never going to make a difference.  The ability that he brings to you is the creation of a bridge between you and the afterlife.  Using this piece, you will be able to communicate with the dead after being given the ability to raise any spirit that you want. 

4.)  White Light Angel-- As if there were any other types, this piece holds the presence of a divine white light angel.  You can think of it kind of like a guardian angel because it will eat darkness and evil from your life.  It will guide you along the path of success and safety (both spiritually and physically) 







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