Fraternitas Saturni

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One thing that I've noticed is that a lot of occult groups seem to gain a strong footing in Canada... for whatever reason that may be.  Maybe it is because Canada is far more liberal than the United States and they see things with more of an open mind, or maybe it's just because there is a lot more vacant space in Canada where these groups can practice their magic in secret.  Whatever the case may be, this piece comes to you fresh from Canada having been made by the hands of a sorcerer who was practicing ancient occult magic.  
This magic was entrusted to him by a group of magicians and sorcerers called the Fraternitas Saturni, which is a phrase that means "the Brotherhood of Saturn" in Latin.  The group was supposedly found in 1928 in Germany, but I have an idea that the group might have been around even longer than that.  Whatever the case may be, the group has remained notoriously secretive since its inception.  The magic that it does is a dual type of magic as it is garnered from the dark side as its name suggest.  Saturn is a representation of Satan.  Satan is Lucifer, the morning star, who holds all the knowledge of God as it was given to him when he was an angel.  He then fell, so his powers are dual.  They can be used for dark or for light.  
Having said that, I firmly believe that the group itself was up to something sinister.  It is hard to believe that somebody could have done something so dark as to gain the ire of Hitler, even after all the occultism and human experimentation that was done by the hands of the SS at the expense of millions of Jewish lives.  Could it be that they were direct competition for Adolf?  Maybe he was afraid of them because they refused to follow his role as world dictator.  Either way, he instituted a formal ban on the group during WWII.  Of course, they never listened.  You could wipe out an entire army with the flick of a wrist with this kind of power.  They literally had nothing to fear.
After the Nazi threat was quelled, Fraternitas Saturni took the liberty of becoming slightly less covert, but not much.  I think they really just did this to smear the fact that the Nazi regime was conquered and they still remained right in the faces of the fleeing Nazi regime.  Whatever the case the may be, there is one thing that can be said or certain.  The group has strong footholds and active lodges in Germany, Switzerland, and Canada.  Their meetings remained incredibly secretive.  They will have nobody outside of their own ranks know what is going on with them.  Celebrity status and political power offer nothing to these individuals and they will not be swayed.  The power that they have is so powerful that it could begin the End of Times.  
So... Canada?  Yeah, that's where we got this piece, but it didn't come willingly.  We literally had to track down the meeting spot of the Fraternitas Saturni, stalk members that went to meetings regularly and then use magic that allowed us to take their form.  Even then it was a dangerous operation because showing up as a double would've blown our cover immediately, which is kind of what almost happened.  We entered this sort of altar chamber place.  There were bones and blood all over the place.  Inscriptions were written on the walls with blood, the whole place smelled of rotting flesh that we hoped was of animals and not humans.  To be honest, we didn't stick around long to find out.  

At the far end of the room, which was built entirely of stone, there was a crag in the wall.  An orange-reddish glow came from the crag and we could see the silhouettes of the relics that were kept there.  We only took one.  Well, Deedee took one before she confronted by the person who I was pretending to be.  It was an awkward exchange for a few minutes with Deedee attempting to explain that she was just simply admiring the piece and all the hard work that was put into it.  Either way, Deedee was forced to put the piece back, but I slipped in and took it when nobody was looking.  We both got the heck out of there before anybody else could question us.  I don't know whatever became of that girl that Deedee was pretending to be.  I mean, maybe it drew suspicion to her.  Oh well, we got this piece and that is all that matters.  
This piece is amazing.  Let me tell you why.  It holds free form dual magic.  That means that this magic is capable of doing anything at all.  The magic energy emanates from the bracelet and it will mold and duplicate the form of any type of magic that you tell it to.  It literally has no shape, no form.  It's like a gaseous energy that just hangs around and seeps out around the bracelet until it is given the orders to assume a form by the master-- in this case that would be you.  
You can tell it, "I want to shapeshift into whatever" and it will allow you to do that.  You can tell it, "I want to cast this or that spell and it will do it."  You can tell it to take you to Heaven or take you to Hell and it will.  You can ask it to show you the inside of the pyramids.  It will do that also.  You can see into Ancient Atlantis or watch an ancient Mayan sacrifice.  This magic is free form and holds all the knowledge of the universe.  It will not disappoint.  This I can assure you.  
This piece is old and constrasting light and dark qualities about it.  This is symbolic of the fact that it will literally do any kind of magic that you ask it to.  

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