From My Experience At the Cave of Treasures
From My Experience At the Cave of Treasures

From My Experience At the Cave of Treasures

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 This piece is heavy sterling silver with an odd shaped pendant.  With all the magic that has been packed into this piece it is well worth the price!  

This is the piece that was made from my experience in the Cave of Treasures. If you haven’t read my other description called the Wizard of Wudry, it would be a good idea to do that real quick so you get an idea of what I’m writing about. Basically, the wizard opened up a portal through which I traveled. I was able to acquire the power of some of the relics that were there. Later on, I extracted these powers and put them into this piece. Below are the powers of the relics that I acquired and what they will do for you.  



Griffin Bone-- provides protection and divine guidance in times of need.  



Angel Feather-- allows you to “fly” to Heaven in your astral form to experience what it is all about.  



A Crystal from the Crystal Pyramid-- allows you to absorb energies from the crystal pyramid to manifest white light magic



Jewel from God’s Throne-- This gives you a direct connection to the mind of God through which he will give you holy visions and divine sings.  



Gold from the New Jerusalem-- This brings you incredible wealth from all different parts of Heaven.  



Blood of Christ-- This brings you holy baptism of the Christ Consciousness.  




Bronze from St. Michael's Breastplate-- This gives you divine protection of the highest order against all variants of evil and darkness


The Crown of the 24 Elders--This allows you to sit before the Throne if His and be envelopes by His presence.  He will show you the universe and His 72 Names.







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