From the Grand Grimoire / Star22

From the Grand Grimoire / Star22

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Firstly, I feel as though it is absolutely necessary to say that we, by no means, recommend this piece to the faint of heart—it is one that is sure to knock you on your ass. This item is created from black magic and is capable of both good and evil. It practically has a mind of its own and there are things that you must know before we go any further.




1. It is not necessarily difficult to control but it loathes weakness in any form. If it seeks weakness, it will become slightly defiant and prioritize eliminating any traces of frailty, especially if such exists in its owner. As its owner, however, the piece cannot and will not bring you harm. It seeks to make you stronger.


2. An eye for an eye; this piece sees all that you see and all that you don’t. It will not tolerate betrayal and will naturally seek revenge on its owner’s behalf.


3. It is greedy. This piece is powerful and feeds off of spirits. It will seek spirits of varying classes, draw them to you, and feed on them. It has quite the sweet tooth and will likely prioritize spirits of power but it also considers what you may be in need of or desire as well. If this item senses that you are growing ill, it will target spirits of healing or rejuvenation. If it senses financial strain, it will attract spirits of wealth. If it senses lust or unrequited attraction, it will lure in spirits of sex or love.


4. It wants you to live as long as possible. It will do everything in its power to ensure you do not die. Without you, it is barely anything but a piece of jewelry. It has been known to attempt to seek immortality—it has not yet succeeded… but that’s only because its previous owners were not interested in living forever.


5. It has a face. This item has a physical form that it will reveal when prompted. It will appear either as a man or woman—it will know what you prefer—with extraordinarily beautiful features. Once prompted to appear in physical form, it will only return back to the piece when you command it to.




This piece was created with the Grand Grimoire, which is a book of black magic that currently exists in the Vatican Secret Archives. It is so powerful that it cannot be destroyed or even remotely damaged. Among its pages are spells more sinister than you can imagine, some so nefarious that they could destroy all of humanity as we know it. It contains various summoning spells for some of the most heinous demons in existence—both ones you have heard of and ones you have not. It even contains the exact ritual and incantation to summon Satan himself.


This piece was created with a combination of spells from this book in an effort to maintain some of the magic in a physical vessel just in case the book itself was lost or somehow inaccessible. Upon creation, its purpose had been to guide the holder back to the Grand Grimoire where they would be able to obtain limitless and supreme sway over all of mankind. The variety of powers it possesses was decided to ensure more than enough potential to allow the holder to obtain as much power, knowledge, and time as necessary to achieve said goal.


With this item, it was supposed to be inevitable that the Grand Grimoire end up in the holder’s hands. However, no one that we know of has achieved this goal to date. Not that we know why anyone would want to—the book is filled to the brim with seriously dreadful magic. Not to mention, with all the power that this item possesses, we honestly believe that its creation wasn’t so well thought out. Why seek a book filled with bad shit when you can just keep this item, which seeks nothing detrimental in return even though it allows you to gain potentially all the power you can ever hope for?


Forget the book.


You know that we don't condone dark magic anyway.  We are alright with the dual stuff, but that dark evil kind of crap is out.  This isn't to say that we haven't been able to to use the magic found in this item. We blasted this piece full of light-- using a piece we just listed called the white light master blaster.  The results are astounding. The being that has been created is somewhat like a djinn.  It grants all of your desires, using a white light copy of the magic that has been found in the Grimoire.  There is no way possible that this piece can hurt you, because we blasted it with alternative power.  You don't have to be afraid.  Simply tell the entity what it is that you want and it shall be yours!! 


This ring is sterling and is extremely powerful!



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