From the Hidden Temple
From the Hidden Temple

From the Hidden Temple

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Hiking is not something that I would consider by forte.  So, when I say that we busted our humps to get this piece, then that is exactly what I mean.  We literally had to hike for hours to get to where we were going.  No, we couldn't use a teleportation piece, either.  We had no idea where we were going.  All we knew at that point is that we were following some monk, who agreed to be our tour guide, up the side of a mountain, through trees and other nasty places.  He didn't even speak English that well, but we know now that we was doing this test our patience, to read our true character, to see if we were worthy of this piece.  
Prior to this investigation, we had received an email by somebody claiming to be a customer of ours, asking us to meet them in Thailand.  I didn't mind so much, because Thailand is a very magical place.  It's also a very hilly place and a very secretive place.  Entire factions of monks managed to live undetected and under the radar in Thailand.  It's not that hard to hide if you don't want to be found.  I'm only saying this to give you an idea, because when I say that the temple we went to was remotely located, that's exactly what I mean.
Either way, the emails we got persuaded us to come to Thailand, for the sole purpose of visiting this reclusive temple in Thailand.  We know now that it was all set up, but at the time we didn't.  We had a hard time understanding why anybody would want us to just go to Thailand and look at a temple.  We thought maybe there were secret powers there or something, which is usually the case with these monks.  Either way we ended up agreeing to go.  
As I told you before, we hired this little monk man to be our guide.  I swear he led us through the most difficult parts of the passage.  It took a few hours of hiking to to get there, which is an accomplishment for us.  We're still here to talk about it, so It wasn't the worst thing I've ever had to endure, but it was serious.  Okay?  It was well worth it, though.  The Temple is beautiful.  With its ancient architecture, it has been inset with some of the most precious stones that you will experience.  There are inscriptions written in gold on the wall.  There's a quaint, babbling brook that runs through the temple, like it is a scene out of story book.  
By the time we got to the temple, we were tired and just needed to rest, but that was kind of out of the question, we kept following this little monk man everywhere.  I mean, he spared us no mercy, but that's okay, the power in this piece has made it all worth it, to be honest.  And it's funny the way we happened upon it, too.  The monk led us down a passage way into a small chamber.  In the chamber there were some spots to sit, so we finally had a rest.  That was until the monk came to us with these instruments, which looked archaic.  There was no way I wanted to put my mouth on it... but the monk kept smiling at us and saying "you play", "you play", so eventually I was just like "screw it fine!"  The little flute type thing he handed me wasn't something that I'd ever played before.  So, I just put it in my mouth and start bowing and moving my fingers all over the holes.  
Next thing you know it, the whole Temple starts shaking.  I'm thinking to myself, well this is it.  I've seen things like this before where you do something that's curse and you get buried alive in the rubble.  Instead of something like this happening, the monk that was just previously guiding us, began to take a different form-- a very large and impressive form.  It took me a few a minutes to realize what exact form he was taking.  
After hearing the music, in a matter of seconds the monk transformed from this humble-looking little man into a grandiose being, as tall as the temple, with four large arms, and elephants by his side.  I recognized him at once to be the ancient god Ganesha.  Ganesha is the most powerful god of the Hindu Pantheon.  He is often called the remover of obstacles, but he is really so much more.  He granted us this piece, which he was wearing around his neck, after telling us that he had been trapped in the form for years now, and he needed us to play the flute in order to awaken his true form, back into the god Ganesha.  This is why we had received the email, because he knew we'd go along with it.  
Our reward is this piece.  It might date a new, but that is because the powers of Ganesha have re-cycled the piece into newer and newer pieces to keep it fresh.  The power in this piece is eternal and is the full white light blessing of Ganesha.  First and foremost, he will give you a full Kundalini awakening.  This awakening gives you automatic knowledge of ALL psychic powers and ALL white light spells.  You will just know how to do what you have to do when the time comes.  
For example, if you are down in finances, you will automatically know how to cast a wealth spell.  It is encoded in you.  It's like breathing.  These things will just happen.  This piece also grants immortality and the ability to travel to the realm of all white light gods.  You will receive a Godlike awakening that will allow you to communicate with the gods, to obtain their powers and to return to Earth, where you will stay in your highly enlightened state of nirvana.  The powers and magic will run through you like a river, all thanks to a divine connection this piece will give you to Ganesha.

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