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This piece has a ton of history you can search and more then I'm even putting in here. This ended up belonging to Dr. Sr. William Henry Broadbent. He was the Dr. to both the King and Queen Victoria. The Doctor was knighted for a very good and rare reason, this was in a secret ceremony. This item has the marks on the back of being sterling along with the doctors initials. The diamonds are real, the detail is more then incredible but it's the magic that stands up and screams, ONE OF A KIND POWERFUL!!!

Take a good look at and tell me what you think it can do? What I can tell you now is it goes back to Moses, you intake from this spoon what you want, wealth, healing for you or others, to be what you want to be and so much more! You tell me what all this can do.

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The doctor was also called a extraordinary, hmmm, is Queen Victoria alive today? Is that something she wanted? Did she slip off, gain all the wealth she wanted AND ask for immortality?

What mysterious letter was he sent? Why when the royals were going to die was this doctor called? Did they really die? Did some of the royals change time and did one of them become a extremely wealthy person known today? Do you have to become immortal? No, it's whatever you want after you decide.


One might wonder where the magical origins stem from with this piece. I know I like to know these things myself. Where something comes from is very important. Usually the older the piece is the more embeded the magic is. While that is not true all the time if you look at who or how something was made in older times before many magics have been lost it was more powerful.

Take for example the very begining if you believe in that or even if you don't there is something to it. You don't get to be a best selling book or idea over nothing. This spoon is about the magic of unchained ability for all those who are human and those who are not. I'm going to take you through time and magic so you can understand just how important this piece is.

I know I have said some of these things before but in the very begining humans had no bodies. We were not physical even though we were human we had spiritual bodies. We were always free thinking and in that time many now think we were archiac but that wasn't true at all. We had a wide range of knowledge on all sorts of subjects other then what a physical body needed because we never had one. During the fall it just wasn't about taking from the Tree of Knowledge or listening to a serpant but more so the learning of what we named magic. This magic wasn't magic in the other world but rather a way of life for those who were visitants. They knew we in the garden were more like babies though even with out a physical body did have a spiritual brain. While this brain had free will it was also free of the darkness and magic of the higher worlds, Heavens.

When Eve or the spiritual body of her took from the Tree of Knowledge she was guided there. She took into her being all that magic from the moment she indulged in the knowledge. What she swallowed was the diamonds in the eye of this spoon. When we teach someone often it is looked at as spoon feeding them knowledge, hence the spoon as the vessel. These diammonds as many scientists know come from the Earth and hold a energy and magic of all that was created. These are the first diamonds and they are NOT chips but perfectly rounded magical holders of the seeds of knowledge. Once she held out her both her ear and her hand she was transformed into a physical body. Now lets us take a look at the word transform. To transform is to change and that is exactly what she did. She went from a spiritual body to a physical body and in her offering the eye opening and Earth shaking knowledge she offered the same to Adam. Seeing Eve in her physical glory he was stunned not only by looks but by the magic that could do such a thing he never knew existed! With this piece I have travelled to the site and a replay of what happened. I could see with my eyes what the great opposition looked like with out blinders on. Eve saw a great beautiful man who twisted the tongue and the brain because she was the begining of it all. I saw everythng for what it was. I saw at first a stunning man who was unlike any creature I have ever seen just as she did but then my eyes being open saw something so horrific the most creative genius couldn't make it up. Had Eve saw what I did she never would have taken the seeds of knowledge. I could see because they were cast out even though the great guardian of the gates argued with God to allow them back in it went on deaf ears. Even though this was what it was the Great Guardian to this day walks with the first diamonds and protects and also stands back from the humans who possess them.

Getting back to the term transform. Transforming is just what both of them did. They went from spiritual bodies to full physical bodies. They needed to eat and drink and even had sexual desires of which they never had or had to do before. This was the great sin and they woud suffer for it. However they took from that serpent and were allowed to keep those rare one of a kind and first Diamonds of magical knowledge and transformation.

What kind of tranformation did they do? Looking into the historical documents and old German books that translated the hidden books of the bible we find that they were capable of anything. Eve and Adam both had transformed bodies. They didn't age but did they suffer? Yes they did but with the now built in magic they only had to tap into it which was as easy as giving it a thought. They lived hundreds of years with out aging and with being able to give birth to healthy babies. At one time Eve transformed into a mermaid in one of the ponds. This was a full physical transformation that she again learned from the great deception known at that time as Satan but none the less it was a serious magical ability. To my knowledge the only thing they couldn't do was stay living in the Garden. That was guarded but the Angel of gates still let them look in but he had to turn them away. So the only thing that Adam or Eve could not do was to go back to the Garden.

In the Bible in ACTS 2:38 it talks about the gifts of the spirit. These gifts are what comes from these original Diamonds. The meaning is basically " HOW GREAT I AM" The problem with this is 99 percent of the people human or otherwise will NEVER tap into that. These gifts are the same as Gods power, which is ALL the power in the world. It is not just magic. This is not just the ability to transform. This is not just the ability to heal. This is just not the ability to gain all the wealth in the world.

What is this thing called HOW GREAT I AM? This is everything that God is and it is everything that you can be if you have the access to do so. With this piece you do. Now lets look at what some of those things are to be specific.

When you tap into HOW GREAT I AM you ARE taking in the body of Christ. This is what set off Lucifer to beginn with. You see this is no fable but a reality of jealousy. You see Lucifer while Gods right hand man and most beautiful could and never would be as great as God himself. That was reserved for those he made with free will, those who came into his world with no knowledge of anything and would have to find their way and that is YOU! Before I go into exactly what you can do with this I will tell you of the gifts of Isaiah.

If you look to Isaiah 11:2-3 you will find seven different gifts of the spirit these are the illumination of Gods word and gifts. These are words of wisdom, word spoken to turn to knowledge, faith that turns to reality, gifts of healing, the working and granting of miracles, prophesy of all sorts, discerning of spirits which I must have use of all the time, speaking in other languages, understanding other languages including but never limited to the alien tongue.

To get directly to what this piece can do here is just some of the things. Before I list them the Diamonds/ seeds are directly from the Tree and because of this are dual in nature. When we talk of the opening of the eyes that is what that is, dual nature.

Here are just a few things you can do and many are already noted in religious and non religious history.

The commanding of all types of Djinn. You don't make offerings, you command them. You direct them, they must listen to you just as others have in the past.

The collecting of large sums of money because you want it.

Healing because you want to.

Transforming into something else like the angels or the Egyptians.

The creation of miracle technology.

Never aging and birth if you want to have children.

The consorting with the Heavens creature the Unicorn and the angels at your will.

Gifts of Mercy.

Gifts of comfort.

These are not enough to even touch the tip of the iceberg. Think about what God can do if he decides to, that is what your getting.

Now let me get to what the spoon means and how to use it.

Taking a look at the spoon you see that it has a snake that wraps around it. The head is swallowing a skull which represents mortality, the losing of the non physical body from the Garden. The snake going through the skull is the knowledge that will now move through you. The Diamonds are the seeds of magic. The way it looks as a straight kind of stick was to show moses his magical want that could cast anything! The spoon you will dip into water and take it, like water to wine, nothing to magical.

People who have used the Diamonds or had access to them.

The doctor of course.

The Queen and King of England and many before them.

The unknown mystics of the levitation society.

Ancient Fakirs.

Bill Gates.

The Astors and the Rockafellers.

Various Princes of more then a few countries.

The European illuminati during the beginings in France.

More then a few of the undead.

No one has fully possessed this piece except the doctor, one other and myself. Other listed above have used it and been glad they did but they all picked one thing. You get everything it can do.

This is a rare and one of a kind piece which you can pass down to anyone you want to. No matter who they are it will change their life.

Please ignore spelling errors and or lack of letters as my computer is having a off day!

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