Future Frames and the Power to Change

Future Frames and the Power to Change

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This piece is square and kind of resemble a frame, which is funny because that's also kind of the powers that are held within it.  This piece has been made by a very powerful coven of Russian Witches, which is rare because you hardly ever hear about Russian witches, but they do exist.  

Anyhow, this piece holds a spell that allows you to peer into your future to see what it holds.  It will show you your future one year at a time.  If you don't like what the year holds for you, you can ask the witches to change it for you.  You must offer them a drop of blood.  You will place it directly in the center of this piece.  

Your thoughts and wishes will be heard by the witches and your blood will create a direct bond through which the witches will be able to rearrange your future to what you have asked for it to be.  They do this because the drop of blood that you give them allows them to grow their own magic in return.  

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