Edgar Cayce's Ghost Whispers | STAR
Edgar Cayce's Ghost Whispers | STAR
Edgar Cayce's Ghost Whispers | STAR

Edgar Cayce's Ghost Whispers | STAR

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Edgar Cayce was essentially a psychic phenomenon who was born March 18, 1877. When he was younger, he didn’t quite show signs of being psychic at first but when they made themselves known, they were powerful from the start—there was not much build up to what Cayce became capable of doing. As a child, Cayce struggled a bit with memorization and so his grades suffered, which disappointed his father who was quite strict. He essentially pushed Cayce toward studying more and more—as much as it took for him to get it and remember it. It didn’t matter how long it took either. It sometimes resulted in Edgar staying up all night and that was how he first discovered his abilities. Worn out, Cayce dozed off and fell asleep on one of his books.


He has admitted to vaguely hearing voices just before having fallen asleep, voices that encouraged him to sleep. They told him that they would take care of him; to just sleep and they would whisper to him all the knowledge he needed. When Edgar Cayce woke up the following morning, despite not knowing how to spell many words at all the night prior, he was then able to spell every single word in the book regardless of complexity. Additionally, he could tell you which page and in which paragraph the word could be found. It came to be that Edgar Cayce could sleep upon any book and wake up with a complete arsenal of the knowledge that was in it.


He discovered also that it wasn’t just books that he could do this with. He could also enter a hypnotic state and become aware of knowledge that there was no way he could have known it before and it would all be in such detail that there was no denying that he was in possession of a very rare and effective ability.


For a little girl he had never met before, he was sought out over the fact that she appeared to have a mental illness that had manifested very suddenly. After spending a short period of time in a hypnotic trance, Cayce concluded, despite never having met the child and with little more to go off of other than behavior, that the child had a dental issue that was causing the behavior. He was able to give specific details about it as well. After the child saw a dentist, it was discovered not only that Cayce was correct but that his help effectively brought the child back to her normal self.


On another occasion, Cayce was visited by the spirit of a deceased woman who told her of her husbands fiance who was not only having an affair but plotting to take everything from him in their divorce as well. She gave him specific details that no one could have known and evidence that no one else could have had, all of which ended up stopping the marriage from happening altogether, after which the spirit of the man's deceased wife seemed to rest.

As Cayce grew older, his psychic powers only every strengthened and the voices that tended to bring him knowledge were active up until the day he died. When he died, the voices remained regardless and his children often heard them, speaking to them and providing them with knowledge or guidance. For a long time, they thought that it was their father guiding them from the grave but whenever they spoke to the spirits as though they were Edgar, the spirits would truthfully reply:

Edgar Cayce is no longer here, it is only we.

This piece belonged to Edgar Cayce, it was the one item that could be expected to have always been on his person and it was passed down to his son upon his death. When he died, as it was the item that was most attached with him, the spirits that fueled Edgar Cayce's psychic abilities attached to it and it is likely that they did so in an attempt to keep part of him alive. When you come in possession of it, you will be greeted by multiple voices, none of which are nefarious in nature.

They will provide you with infinite knowledge - any knowledge that you need or simply ask for. They will ultimately inspire a full psychic awakening that will open you open to receiving the knowledge as well as being able to communicate and interact with the multiple realms that balance the waves of secret wisdom. Once these realms are opened to you, you will become aware of supernatural entities, you will receive random but vivid knowledge at random and at will. Your life will essentially revolve around gaining and gaining infinite wealths of knowledge. Upon testing this piece, we can confirm that that also includes knowledge of power and magics - you need only ask the voices to bring the knowledge to you and there is no knowledge that cannot be yours.

The skull in the center of the ring represents the 'leader' or 'master' of the 'spirits at his sides', which are represented by the companion lion depictions on either side of it.



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