God's Divine Hand of Time
God's Divine Hand of Time
God's Divine Hand of Time

God's Divine Hand of Time

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It doesn't immediately look as though it would be, but this piece is a relic that used to be housed in the Vatican Underground Archive. Deedee has an in at the archive and she was able to score this powerful piece for us. This piece is a bracelet/watch that we believe to be vintage. All of the stones on this piece are genuine and the piece really is just an overall gorgeous piece. It's almost as though when you are looking at it you can feel the energy permeating your body and entering your soul.  

The piece itself holds a power that is called God's Divine Hand of Time. This is not a gift that God has granted to anybody, but it is a hand that God extends to his most loyal servants. Somehow, the Catholic Church was able to find this power in a physical form and put the magic into this timepiece. The piece is befitting of the power.  


God's Divine Hand of Time is His divine ability to allow people to transcend time. It is also the ability for people to transcend into Heaven because transcending to Heaven is also the same as transcending time because of how long it takes to there on a normal basis, versus when you are doing it magically. Time travel and astral travel are actually more interrelated than most people understand.  


An example of when this magic has been used is when Elijah was able to transcend realities and ascend into Heaven in his bodily form. Another example would be when Jesus himself was taken from Earth and entered Heaven in his bodily form. The Virgin Mary did the same.  


More recently the Catholic Church was able to use this piece to accelerate the time when they screwed up history with the Gregorian Calendar. Technically, the world should only be in the 1700s or something like that. I forget the exact details, but when the switch was made from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar somehow 300 years was lost. They had to accelerate time in order for things to match up. They have also used this piece to become time-faring chrononauts to travel back in time to change things around to fit their agenda or support the stories they tell. This is why I tell people all the time that it is important to read the Bible, but you can't get to Heaven by means of a book.  


Either way, this piece holds God's Divine Hand of Time. It is a multi-faceted piece that will allow you to control time. You can travel to the past or the future. It will allow you to stop time completely if you wish, but only for a few minutes. If you stop it more than that fate will become super messed up, kind of like it did when we were accelerated by the Vatican. Now, look at all the earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the like that we are experiencing.  


This piece also allows you to transcend, in astral form, to two places. The first place is Heaven. This includes all seven levels/realms of Heaven. This includes the crystal pyramid, the mansions, the crystal lake, and the throne realm. It also allows you to travel to the Garden of Eden-- God's storehouse for angels and magic. When you are there you will gain access to the magic that you find in either of these places.   


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