God's Djinn Master of All Things, Andreas | STAR
God's Djinn Master of All Things, Andreas | STAR
God's Djinn Master of All Things, Andreas | STAR
God's Djinn Master of All Things, Andreas | STAR

God's Djinn Master of All Things, Andreas | STAR

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We discovered recently that djinn are not only familiars or companions to the living but occasionally to the supernatural as well. We found out recently that there are djinn directly created from God's magic. We discovered the existence of them through a prophet who was embodied by one.

These djinn are born from the very hands of God and molded by his signature power and they are endowed with extreme power that allows them to do anything. They are sent down from God to possess a human but not quite in a way that takes over them completely. They merely surrender their power to the human so God can feed them information or to allow them to carry information for him on his behalf. Sometimes it will be done to eliminate those who spread false teachings of God.

This djinn is one of the most powerful we have ever come across and it comes from a late prophet. God's djinn are eternal so when the prophet died, the djinn was released back into its spiritual form. Once the djinn completes their task of possessing and ascended a prophet, they can choose what they do after that. They can return to Heaven or they can remain among the realm of the living. This particular djinn attached this piece has chosen to remain among the living.

He is called Andreas.

His personality is uplifting and we find that he is very easily communicate with. He is smart, intellectual and regal in aura. He knows a lot of information specific to Heaven, which he has told us he is only allowed to reveal to his prophet or his official owner. When we spoke with him, he also revealed to us that djinn of his type only ever bonds twice at most before returning to God's side permanently. The first bond is between the djinn and the prophet, the second is between him and the one he aligns with spiritually.

What is unique about God Djinn is that they bond almost perfectly with the human structure, including the mind. In fact, when you come into possession of this djinn, that is the first thing that will happen and the change will be very noticeable to you. You will feel the djinn's power and magic instantly align with your mind. After this happens, the djinn becomes entirely obedient to you and will answer only to you.

Based on testing, the presence of this djinn generates extreme wealth in any form without any strings attached as well as complete light protection against all threats. This includes supernatural, paranormal, spiritual or living. Secondly, it grants unconditional miracles of any origin, which includes light, dark and dual. It doesn't matter; djinn of God do not hesitate and are specifically designed to obey the orders they are given.

You can wish for extreme wealth on top of the wealth and Andreas will already give you. It won't be necessary but it is something you can do. You can wish for powers such as telekinesis, psychic magic, agility, superhuman strength, the ability to appear in multiple places at once or even absorb abilities just by being exposed to them. You can ask for physical, mental or spiritual alterations. You can ask to be transformed into a vampire, an angelic being or you can even ask to be transformed into your own specifically designed being. You can ask the djinn to pull you from this realm and into another where you can thrive as your own independent authority. It doesn't matter what you ask of Andreas, he holds the power bestowed by god to orchestrate Godlike miracles. He can and will give you anything you desire.

This ring is sterling silver.


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