God's Double, the Angel of Charlemagne

God's Double, the Angel of Charlemagne

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If you have never heard of the Angel of Charlemagne, please allow me to enlighten you. The story is long and drawn out, but essentially the angel visited Charlemagne one night and informed him to arise and become a thief. Charlemagne thinking that it was hodge-podge for somebody in his authority to become a thief brushed the angel off. The angel once again awoke Charlemagne and demanded that he wake up and become a thief. At this Charlemagne arose, took his horse and started off into the woods.

When at the woods edge, he came across a knight dressed in all black. He questions the knight. The knight questions him, the end up engaging in a fierce batted, during which the knight's sword shatters. Still not revealing himself, Charlemagne demands to know who the knight in all black was. It turns out that it was a knight that he had banned from the Holy Roman Empire who had to take to thievery in order to live. In disguise, Charlemagne suggests that they rob the Emperor. The thief refuses, stating that Charlemagne has done nothing unjust to deserve to be stolen from, thus revealing his true character. He instead offers to help Charlemagne steal from at the evil Count Eggerich who was just so happening to plot his demise.

Thus, the moral of the story is that through listening to the angel that was sent to him by God, Charlemagne was able to spare his own life. Well, I guess God spared his life, but you get what I am saying. If Charlemagne had refused to listen, then he would have been dead meat. The thing is that God gave Charlemagne is very own arch-Angel for purposes like these. It's just that Charlemagne was pretty darn stubborn sometimes to listen. The reason God gave him this angel was because Charlemagne had converted just about the whole Roman Empire to Christianity, had drawn an alliance with the Church and had led man people to their salvation.

I know in the Bible it says that of their works, lest no man boast. But when you lead an entire country that spanned more than two continents to turn to God, I'm pretty sure that this is deserving of a reward. And so, Charlemagne's personal Arch-Angel was created. This Arch-angel is an imprint of God who was created with a fraction of the All-Seeing Eye. When I say God, I mean God the Father. He has been created as an alternate version of Himself that he could give to Charlemagne for his good deeds and honest countenance. Charlemagne was indeed a very morally upstanding man who attempted to lead his country in the ways of turning from their sins and accepting God as the one true apostolic God, so on and so forth. You know that whole story.

What was this angel capable of doing for Charlemagne the Holy Roman Emporer? Well, he was literally a slightly less-powerful version fo God, so there was nothing that the angel couldn't grant or do for Charlemagne. Fast-forward many, many, many years and we are offering this piece. This piece summons forth the Angel of Charlemagne as it was seen the night that it ordered him to become a thief. This was just one of many experiences that Charlemagne had with this angel, despite it being the most popular story.

This angel has cast many miracles for Charlemagne, even helping him defeat what would most likely amount to one-quarter of the Earth at the time. He has given Charlemagne wealth, has allowed Charlemagne to visit Heaven and sit by the throne of God to see the things that only God can see. When visiting in Egypt, the angel took Charlemagne by the hand and showed him the history of Khufu's Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. The angel has vanquished many demons for Charlemagne and has kept him out of the way of evil. He has given Charlemagne the secrets to sacred numerology and has shown him how the world and the universe are held together by the cosmic life force. He has even allowed Charlemagne to use this cosmic lifeforce to create his own species of beings that brought wealth and protection to his most loyal soldiers. The point is that the Angel of Charlemagne holds all the knowledge and all the white light magic of God because it is a reflection and version of God himself. This is the angel you get when you won this piece.

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