God's Holy Fire Djinn

God's Holy Fire Djinn

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We've been to the Garden of Eden many times through testing and working with pieces that have allowed us to astrally travel there. One time we were actually able to travel there in the flesh, but that piece has been sold and gone for a while now. A few months back, though, we were testing this piece and we came across a particular part of the realm that we had ever seen before.

This part of the realm was different. It was still white light like the rest of the garden, but it wasn't as lush. There was a river that ran through it and the water was so clear that you could see straight through to the bottom. Nestled next to the river was this enormous mountain, shaped like a pyramid. There were no trees or vegetation or anything like that at all that grew on the mountain. What is was covered in, though was all these ancient looking picture and inscriptions.

It's kind of hard to describe exactly what the inscriptions look like without you actually seeing them. They were just all sorts of hieroglyphics markings that seemed to tell some kind of ancient story about fire. It was bizarre enough to see, but it wasn't keeping us out of that pyramid in any way shape or form. We made our way into the pyramid. Without boring you with the details of how we almost fell into a pit or how we almost got our heads taken off a few times, allow me to say that we finally ended up in a secret chamber of the pyramid.

There were inscriptions written on marble plates that lined the walls of this chamber. We have no idea what they say, but we could tell they were ancient, written in an ancient language that wasn't recognizable. Not that we are linguistic experts, but we've spent a lot of time looking and hieroglyphics and cave markings. These were unlike anything that we had ever discovered before in our lives. Deedee couldn't even develop any kind of psychic connection. It was a hidden type of knowledge that we just couldn't connect to-- plain and simple.

Fire was falling down from the ceiling like a cascading waterfall. I don't really understand how it was happening, because fire usually dances upwards toward the sky because oxygen flows that way. However, this fire was flowing in a way that I had never seen before, downward, exactly like a waterfall. On either side of the fire were these enormous, elaborately decorated black and white marble statues. Their eyes were a fiery orange color that danced with life, the same manner as the fire that was falling from the ceiling. These creatures were majestic but kind of scary in their appearance and were unlike anything that I had ever seen before.

As we stood there, awestruck, a voice spoke to us and prompted us to "Enter." Deedee and I stood there staring at each other, unsure of what to think or say. Then, it kind of just came to us and we walked forward into the fire. The fire did not burn us at all. Instead, as the fire reigned down upon us our bodies went away to another place. We were able to see and feel and comprehend the entirety of the universe. Knowledge flowed through us as the fire washed over our bodies. We were able to see every minute detail of life, including all the powers and magic that have ever existed on Earth.

We were taken to a realm where we were able to experience God as a whole, not just what humanity thinks He is or what the church says he is. He is so much more. He is pure knowledge. He is the embodiment of existence. It was unlike anything that we have ever experienced. Just being able to be in the same "room" as he was a harrowing experience. You would think that his appearance comes on big and strong and demeaning when it actually it is quite the opposite. He simply comes across as very humble and extremely powerful. His knowledge is expansive. We were instructed to return to where we came after being washed with the fire.

Back on the other side of the fire, the creatures who guarded met us with their fiery eyes. As we were leaving the creature left out a blood-curdling roar. We turned around to see what as going on and the one on the right side began to cry and shed a single tear. The tears were a stone that glistened and gleamed like their electric orange eyes. This is the stone that is set into this piece. Those creatures, by the way? They are the God Djinn who have been born of the Holy God Fire, which is the cascading fire waterfall that we had encountered that I told you about. We picked up the stone and took it with us.

Later on, we had this stone set into a ring to commemorate our experience, but when testing the ring to see what it would do for us, we determined that it is simply too powerful to not offer this piece to our customers. This piece holds the presence of what we are calling the Holy Fire God Djinn. This djinn is the literal embodiment of the Holy Fire of God. When you own this piece, he will show himself to you because, in order for this power to work correctly, you have to be able to see him. First and foremost try to make a psychic connection to this piece, then the djinn will come forward. He will lay his hand upon your head in a baptism of the Holy Fire and just as Deedee and I were carried away out of our bodies to experience the universe so will you.

You will be entirely naked and I don't mean naked as in unclothed. I mean your soul will be naked of its mortal body. You will lie among the stars and the planets. Your soul will be at rest and at ease. You will experience what it feels like to weightless and stress-free. You will be given a recharging. Ancient knowledge of existence will be given to you, including the presence of all powers and all magic. These are the powers and magic that you can bring back into your mortal body. You will literally be given this entire knowledge and the ability to know and to do any magic that you want. You will literally have the knowledge to do it. This is a very powerful magic, but remember, it should be used responsibly. God holds full control.

This piece is NOT sterling.  I just wanted to let you all know.  However, it's not the sterling that is important here.  It is the stone, which was cried from the eyes of the Holy Fire God Djinn.  This piece is super powerful!

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