Golden Walk of Heaven Djinn # 1,  Youtube

Golden Walk of Heaven Djinn # 1, Youtube

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If you can see the djinn that comes in this piece, they are going to appear extremely heavenly. That's because they are extremely powerful Golden Walk of Heaven Djinn. They guard the Golden Pathway that leads to one of the largest and most prestigious castles in Heaven. This castle is where people go to be educated in white light ways and white light powers including miracle and the like. If you are able to see them, these djinn will appear with golden hair and soft blue eyes with golden rims around the edges. Unlike evil djinn, their feet are not crooked and will appear straight and translucent. The reason they are translucent is that they are constantly walking on gold and the magic of God.

Neither of these pieces has been worn. They are brand new. The smaller of the two bracelets is activated by tying it around your wrist. The larger of the two bracelets is activated by tightening the crystals on the end to fit comfortably around your wrist. These djinn are extremely powerful and will grant to you whatever it is you need help with in life. There are no exclusions on what these djinn can to do help you except that they are pure white light and will only operate with white light magic. If your requests are dark or evil, they won't even hear you, because they are not allowed to.

Both of these pieces are beautiful and have been created in the same way through conjuring the Golden Walk of Heaven Djinn to be pulled from Heaven and set into these pieces. You don't want to miss out on these. They are unlike any other djinn you've ever owned.  See them on Youtube:

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