Got 99 Problems but a Djinn Ain't One
Got 99 Problems but a Djinn Ain't One

Got 99 Problems but a Djinn Ain't One

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The world has its tales of ancient cities of splendor that have been lost over time.  Atlantis, the Continent of Mu, El Dorado and the like.  However, when it comes actually scientifically proving that these places exist, the likelihood of ever doing so is slim to none.  In fact, the likelihood that researchers have already found these places of magic and treasures and are just holding out on us is much higher.  Whatever the case may be, ancient Egypt has it own city of these sorts.  The name of the city was Heracleion.  
The city was once a prosperous city, thriving city before it was engulfed by the sea near Alexandria some 1,500 years ago.  However, as time goes by things change.  This city  was once grand enough to be mentioned by the Greek historian Herodotus, who told the tale of Helen of Troy.  She was the most beautiful woman in the world travelling to Heracleion with her Trojan lover, Paris.  Although gone forever, the city has not stopped coughing up new treasures-- and not just physical ones either.  
This piece comes from the ancient city of Heracleion.  It was give to us by a sorcerer who told us it came from the Temple of Djinn in the ancient submerged city.  We tested the piece right after receiving it, and have confirmed that what were told is in fact the truth.  The djinn that is set into this piece is ancient.  I'm talking OOLDDD.  He was around before the settlement of any kind.  He was around before humans were even exiled from the Garden of Eden to Earth.  This is how old he is.  He is not a blue ifrit.  He is a little light than blue-- like an ultraviolet color which is testament to exactly how powerful his magic actually is.  
This piece awakens that djinn, one that is more powerful than any you have experienced before.  In fact, this only the 2nd or 3rd time I've experienced an ultravioletl djinn myself, as they are extremely, extremely rare.  The UV Djinn will come to you in full form and he will grant you anything that you with in his name.  This can be anything.  Literally anything.  There is no power he can't grant.  No entity he can't conjure.  There is no spell he can't cast.  No realm he create.  Literally, there is nothing your dinn cannot do.  You'll be given his name for conjuring when you purchase the piece.  We don't want anyone else to say it out loud, as that could ruin the bond.  It's been a while since this djinn has been used and we want to make sure he is fully empowered to make do WHATEVER it is you want him to do!  

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