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This is just a little piece but does a huge job.  With this piece, you can reinvent yourself, give yourself what you want, live as you want, have what you want and be as magical as you want. This is a rebirthing piece that gives you all the things you need to live the life you want.

To use this piece fill it with ordinary water and pour it on your head. Once you fill it with water you should already know what you want. You will say it and then pour the water on you. This is the baptism of a new life, renewal, and change to what you have been seeking.

How does this work and what makes it magical?

The glass was sitting on the beach during a ritual. Not just sitting but someone was wearing it as jewelry. At the end of the ritual which had nothing to do with this kind of magic something unusual happened. The woman wearing this was to move into the middle of the circle and when she did it was as if she was struck by lightning but it wasn't. Everyone could see what looked like a bunch of shooting stars all glittery hitting the necklace she was wearing. She then though it had to do with her filling it with salt water but that wasn't it. As time went on she attended another ritual out by the beach and that night was contacted by what appeared to be an angelic being. This being of all white light told her what it did and how to use it. She also told her to stop doing the ritual she was doing. She told her that ritual wasn't of white light and to renew herself in spirit and that she could be whoever she wanted and have the life she wanted. The being who is thought to be an angel then said when you have used it all you want to you may pass it on. The same grace of magic will be given to others.

This is pure white light and supernatural.


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