Great Black Diamond of Mogul | STAR
Great Black Diamond of Mogul | STAR
Great Black Diamond of Mogul | STAR
Great Black Diamond of Mogul | STAR

Great Black Diamond of Mogul | STAR

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Over one millennium ago, there was a ritual orchestrated by two powerful sorceresses in an effort to embody the power of Azathoth. H.P. Lovecraft mentioned this occurrence in a series of unreleased journals, most of which are filed away and preserved in the Vatican archives. Due to obvious reasons, he was forced to say that the deity was fictitious even though he is very real and is actually extremely influential to the general existence of all entities. Their purpose of summoning it isn't known for certain but we believe, due to an ancient prophecy, they intended to use the power they acquired through Azathoth to carry it out. However, it did not go according to plan.

The ritual drew the sorceresses in and separated their power from their physical bodies, the power of which had been empowered by the influence of Azathoth. The bodies were completely destroyed almost in an instant while the essence of their magic mixed with Azathoth crystallized in an instant and became a large diamond, half of which was black, the other half of which was normal. The intense power of it, both halves included, makes it a very powerful dual capsule. It could not be used to conduct power or gain it - it only held it.


Sometime around 1650, the capsule was discovered but it was not known exactly what it was capable of. They thought it was just a big ol' diamond. As you can imagine, the reaction to it was almost entirely one influenced with greed. After all, it was and remains, as a whole, one of the biggest diamonds to have ever been found. However, when it touched human hands, it split in two perfect halves.


Emir Jemla, the official first owner of the light half of the diamond had found the black portion of the diamond to be too ugly, dark and grim looking to be gifted so, for a period of time, he did keep it in his own possession for the sole fact that it was a large diamond - black or not. It was worth something. We believe his intentions were to sell it but we are not sure if he ever actually did. We just know that he gifted the light side of the diamond to the 5th Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan.

Due to being parted with the other half, the diamond inspired quite a bit of greed in any who saw it, provoking them to steel it and then seek out the other half. This resulted in the final owner being Nadir Shah before he was assassinated in 1739 and the diamond was taken. It is believed that it was never found but again, it was never lost. In fact, the ones who stole it are some of the same ones that gather many of the other items that rest in the Vatican archives.

The black diamond, the other half of the Great Mogul, is also there and its history is a little less certain than that of the light half. Most of the people who came across it in its solo form, found that it seemed to omit a dark aura. It's because, without its other half, it is of a darker source of magic. This is why, again, it is why, when the first half was found, it was described as half of something - almost like an egg that has been split down the middle. It's because they actually are. One feeds off of the other. When the two halves are unified, it produces again the capsule of ancient magic that had been created by the sorceresses.

We have seen the halves and we also have experienced the power that lies within. As far as we know, we are the only ones to have ever attempted to unify the pieces. When they were unified, the stone of this piece was formed at its center. It is completely dual and stable but it is capable of both light and dark magic that can be used to generate any form of power that the mind can think of, including ones that may be specific to one type of energy - arcane, psychological, elemental, etc. It seems to hold all of the basic elements required for all magics. We say all magics because we have not found a magic that cannot be manifested through this piece. That being said, it does take some time for the powers to fully possess at any given time because it attaches and grows the power or magic off of the energy it generates between both yours and its own. Regardless, this item is worth the experience it gives.

Keep in mind that this piece does not contain actual fragments of the Great Mogul diamond halves used to create it. It is an entirely independent piece that contains some of its power.


Platinum, gold and sterling silver with an Australian black tourmaline, which hold serious magical properties for that type of gem.


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