Greek Mystery Tomb
Greek Mystery Tomb
Greek Mystery Tomb
Greek Mystery Tomb

Greek Mystery Tomb

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I've already got a notion that once this grave has been fully unearthed that the true remains of what lies within will hidden from the masses.  Some minuscule story about a dead person will be fabricated and people will read about it in the news.  They will oooh and they will ahhh, but they will not have a clue that they have been lied to, en masse at that.  Congratulations, world government, you have successfully spawned a society full of buffoons who will believe anything that you tell them.  For starters, the tomb that archaeologists "just found" has been known about for over a decade.  The grave has been used time and time again for the extraction of powers that only the most enlightened minds will have dreamed about.  I'm talking about powers that you can't even put into human terms because they are that rare and that original there isn't even a name to use for them.  The powers are undefined, but it makes sense because the powers that the site holds are more of the type of powers that you don't have to name, because you feel them and understand them in this way.  It is rather challenging to explain without having you actually experience the powers.

Moving on, the mystery grave of Greece has been being used by Greek Mystery Schools for centuries because of the type of magic that is held within.  Finally, the rest of the world has managed to catch up.  It comes as no surprise to me.  What happens next is pretty much typical. The government steps in, tries to understand the power and magic that is present in the place.  Then, they will take the magic, mess is up and use to for their own greedy purposes.  It is rather unfortunate, because eventually, the power will run dry.  Not all power is infinite.  Sometimes there are finite amounts of energy and once they are sponged up they will not come back.  This is the case with the powers in the Greece Mystery Grace.  This is why I'm glad I got my chance to visit the grave before it was excavated by mortal dummies who don't know how to treat such a holy shrine  The experience is very humbling, because even I wasn't ready for the amount of energy that I was subjected to after entering the tomb.  

For starters, the tomb is guarded by two headless sphinxes.  At one point in time the heads were fully intact on the sphinxes.  These once mighty guardians were ancient oracles that guarded the sacred chamber of knowledge.  They could see straight into the heart of the men that tried to enter the chamber.  If the heart wasn't brave and was pure, the Sphinxes would cause the immediate demise of the impostor by sucking the soul right of the person.  You must come to the chamber pure of heart and any type of mortal fear.  You need to be pure in order to receive the knowledge.  If you aren't pure, then you are merely wasting the oracles' time.  Then, you die and they are on to the next before you can fully comprehend what is going on.  Life over.  During my visit to the Mystery Grave I was fully accepted into the confines and allowed to explore at my own leisure.  I'm assuming this is because of my years of practicing magic and traveling the world.  There is nothing that I haven't seen and very few things that frighten me anymore.  It is just how things happen.  Once you have been around to see the things that I have see and be part of the things that I have been a part of, fear just diminishes.  Curiosity becomes the prevalent emotion, which I suppose can be either an excellent characteristic or detrimental flaw.

The lion that caps off the grave from above is symbolic of the fact that the people of Greece were pretty much fearless, let alone Alexander the Great.  He had an empire that stretched from India back to the motherland.  His knowledge could not be matched, and appropriately the symbol of society under his role was a lion.  Thus, a lot of his top generals, who also happened to be very powerful sorcerers of the same magic that he practiced, were entombed with decorative lions and other ornaments symbolizing fierce bravery.  As I have already divulged, this tomb was capped of with lion, signifying great courage and extreme power of whomever was buried inside.  Once inside the tomb, there were three distinct rooms in the crypt.  One room was where the deceased rested.  Another room was where decorations, the wealth, and other worldly possessions of the deceased were kept.  Then the third room, at least in this particular setting is where the power comes from.  

In the final of the three rooms is where a power that I am going to call the universal brain was held.  It is really hard to put the universal brain into words because it isn't really anything that you would be able to comprehend in a mortal form.  However, it contains everything.  Again, I'm sure the modern government officials will label the body in the tomb for the appeasement of their own mind.  However, the mystery school attendant that lead me to the grave the first time I went into it simply referred to the man as the general, so I really was never quite sure who he was, honestly.  I could possibly make up a name to appease your mind, but it would be a lie, because I've only ever known the man in this tomb as the general.  The general was obviously a decorate war hero, but according to the person who led me through the tomb, the general was a very, very powerful sorcerer as well.  It was well known during his life and Alexander sought out his advice for all of his issues that involved the supernatural and paranormal.  In those times, these types of issues were more common that not.  Thus having a general who was not only a military whiz, but also superior in the realm of magic attributed greatly to Alexander's success, which is why Alex gave the man such a splendid grave.  

In the room that I call the Universal brain, is where all of the general's powers have been stored for afterlife.  Well, in this instance the powers are used for the here and now.  The room is decorated with all types and kinds of inscriptions that I honestly didn't recognize.  I don't know if it was a secret type of ancient Greek Script or maybe they were spells written in the language of the death.  Again, I'd be lying if I told you that I knew exactly what the inscriptions said.  I was told by our guide that it was okay, and he actually read the inscriptions aloud as we entered the room.  Something like an earthquake shook the ground and there came over the whole room an ominous glow like the northern lights.  It was then that the knowledge of the universal brain enters the mind of whomever is exposed to the glowing light. At first it is like a head rush.  I got really dizzy and felt as though I was going to pass out or maybe throw up.  It subsided after a minute or so and then the true magic and knowledge rushed through my veins.  It felt like true ecstasy and full empowerment.  The power opens up your mind to the Universal Eye of the World-- the coveted truth that the Illuminati has been in search of for centuries.  Hence the picture of the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill.  

This power isn't the all-seeing eye, rather gives you the knowledge that the all seeing eye is in all of us.  We merely need to open up this eye to be able to use the powers associated with it.  For that moment, being in that energy and power, my Universal Eye was open and I saw everything.  By everything I mean it literally gave me universal knowledge in all senses of the world.  Suddenly my mind was enlightened.  I saw into all corners of the universe and existence.  I held the key to all wealth.  I gained the magical wisdom of all powers-- every power that ever was, or ever will be.  All those powers that you can't put into words, that one can only feel and know intrinsically; it is the knowledge of the Mystery Schools that has been passed down to only the few ELITE sorcerers that can actually handle being in this sort of state day in and day out, all day long.  I was able to defy the hands of time, as I was given the ability to see all of time in the flash of a couple of seconds.  

Suddenly, I knew the meaning of everything.  I understood the teachings of Gandhi, I watched as Jesus ascended into Heaven, and I saw the cyclic Oroborus as time ate it's own tail and all things cycled over again.  I flew to the peak of Mount Olympus and I was able to see into the secret chambers of the Pope hidden beneath the Vatican.  I watched as the Mayans constructed their Long Count Calendar that would open the doors into the Age of Aquarius and I saw the gods ascend upon the Native Americans on Mt Shasta.  I saw the vampire of High Gate Cemetery.  I saw the pyramids of Atlantis and peered into the secrets of our universe that are hidden in secret astrological maps.  There is so much more that I saw, that I can't possibly describe it all in words.  I watched on curiously as the history of EVERYTHING flashed before my eyes like an old nickelodeon, the powers of which were set deep into my subconscious like files are uploaded into a computer.  It was strange and awkward feeling, but at the same it was the most powerful and enlightening experience that I have ever had.  To think that the power will soon be drained by people who know nothing of what this chamber has to offer is disheartening.

You must not worry though.  During my experience in what they are now calling the Greek Mystery Grave, I had several items in my pocket.  Unknowingly, when I was subjected to the energy of the Universal Brain, so were the pieces in my pocket.  I now have this collection of pieces that holds the powers that I have just described to you.  I have several of these available.  You know the old expression, "You can't handle the truth?"  Well, this power puts a whole new truth behind this expression; but-- if you think you are one of the people who can handle all of this power, then I am offering these pieces for sale.  I will personally guarantee you that you will never find a piece this powerful again, because I'm pretty sure that I never have and I am Immortal33.  I live for these types of things.  I hunt them out.  I have yet to find a piece as powerful and enlightening as this one.  The choice is yours, but once these are gone, they are gone.  No second chances here.  This is your one chance to become an omniscient, magically elite individual... perhaps even eternal such as myself!   



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