Grown Up Grimoires At Your Fingertips
Grown Up Grimoires At Your Fingertips

Grown Up Grimoires At Your Fingertips

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This sterling silver ring is one of a kind and the only one I have. This holds the power and the knowledge of many Grimoires. This power is at your fingertips and in your mind. I have tested this on many people into magic and the occult. I had to guide them all in the use of it so I will do that for you now. First they wore it and said "its not doing anything". Okay so we had to guide them in the usage and it is easy. You wear it this ring on your finger or on a chain, it doesn't matter how you wear it. You will wear this for 30 days straight but you can remove it at night. At the end of that 30 days lets say you want to conjure something, You would call into being who you wanted. If you wanted the knowledge of a sacred recipe for healing burns, you would just know exactly what to do. If you wanted to cast a spell for love that couldn't be removed and would stop all other blockages, this will do it. You would simply ask for that.

Knowledge will come to the mind, spells will be cast by asking,etc. The Grimories that this ring holds are listed below. The stone in the ring will change colors with the light and is sterling silver.

Libre Tres De Occulta

Red Dragon or The Grand Grimorie

Liber Juratus

The Picatrix

Sefar Raziel Ha-Malakh Liber Razielis Archangelli

Book of Sacred Magic

Book of St.Cyprian

Himmlers Bible

This ring has also been dipped in Baboon blood and wrapped in ancient Papyrus paper to seal in the most rare of occult magic. You won't find another ring like this. This ring is the same as saying anything can be accomplished.

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