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These pieces would cost 200.00 but whenever we have a lot of something we do discount it extremely and this is one of those products. This is not inexpensive because it is not a powerful item but only because of the quantity we have. This is a great item to take advantage of.

These were put together by three various well trained professionals in the metaphysical business. One is a true illuminated male witch and notice I didn't say warlock as these pieces have nothing to do with black magic at all. One is a medium to the very famous and not known well to the general public. Her communication is ALWAYS spot on. She is one of the most caring people I have to say I ever met and I don't say that often. The other calls herself a Pathway Spiritual Bonder. All three were very important in the makng of these pieces. 

One was able to call up the high spirits which would include spirits like Warrior and protection angels, Moses, ancient witches and those on the great council. The medium made sure that all that has ever been said and spoke of them was true in what they could do for the human spirit and body. The Pathway Spiritual Bonder was most important as she is a binder of the power not the actual entity as that is not something she will do. She is important because while others may call upon the power for it's use what if it will not stick to the item? This is her speciality. She makes sure the power stays and works even once placed into human hands.

These bracelets can be used in two ways. Both ways are just as good making them great for both men and women. Either sex may use them in any way they wish. You may place any size candle inside the circle and use it that way. You may wear the item which is is what I did with mine. Both ways work just as good. All you need to do is to pick your design and your color which would be the one you are drawn to. Some are gemstones and others are crystal, some Quartz, all work the same.

What do these do?

These have taken the halo power of the most clear of spirits and used the power to bind it to these pieces. This means that you will become cleansed of that of one of the greatest of angels. Power was taken from the magic of Moses, this power is of pure supernatural ability. This is NOT the same supernatural ability that humans can aspire to own their own but something so different it is life changing. The power of the council is one that which holds all the knowledge and the safekeeping of the Akashic records. They do much more then that but that is just one thing. If you can truly gain access to them it is life changing, just ask someone who has.

The benefits of these pieces are very life changing as I have stated above. You can do so much like finally meditate or astral travel, heal your own body, know your own self, your true self. While this sounds crazy it is not. To know yourself is to know your past and the lives you have lived. This is important because once you can do that you can achieve the supernatural powers given to you BEFORE birth. Before birth means before ANY birth you had. We are talking about going back before Earths time. You were always here but where were you and being what is called a free roaming spirit you were able to do anything, WERE! You can now do that again.

Most people that have gone through this have changed in how they live, some don't. If you seek healing or true love or even wealth it will be different. Sometimes those who seek wealth will get it but they decide to do something different with it then before the great knowledge was placed with them.

You are not just given knowledge. You are given supernatural ability and power. You are given clarity and you are made worthy of the halo. So you are totally cleansed, you are finally free to do as you wish in life before moving on to the next.

The other benefit of these pieces is that you will automatically connect with all your other pieces no matter who they are from. Spirits you have in your home are going to listen and obey. While that may sound terrible, learn, educate because there is no better spirit then yourself. This is 100 percent true, you as a human spirit were made to rule but you have forgot how to somewhere along the way of your journey.

It is now time to gain those powers back!

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