Hand of the Dead, Keeper of Souls
Hand of the Dead, Keeper of Souls
Hand of the Dead, Keeper of Souls
Hand of the Dead, Keeper of Souls
Hand of the Dead, Keeper of Souls

Hand of the Dead, Keeper of Souls

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Anubis happens to by my favorite Egyptian deity.  Living an immortal life of solidarity in the shadows of existence creates a morbid curiosity for death.  On one hand you cheated the one thing that most human beings fear the most.  On the other hand, you have also robbed yourself of your own life cycle.  In saying this I mean that death tends to be a solace sometimes.  When you live to see all things there comes a point where you simply don't wish to see anymore.  Eventually, this feeling passes, but there is something that comes from the lonely nights and dark shadows that makes you wish that death wasn't so uncertain.  
Immortality also has its perks.  To start with, dying is never a requirement.  With mortality death is the only that is certain.  With immortality, it works the opposite way.  Life is the only thing that is certain and will go on and on forever.  There is an overabundance of time in which to get things accomplished.  My extensive history and involvement with all things occult have led me to pursue a higher understanding of such things.  Collecting  items that impart these types of powers has sort of become not only my hobby, but my purpose of living.  I have been many places and I have seen many things.  I must have been an Egyptian in a past life, because for some reason on another, this is always where my heart lies.  The culture fascinates me and the gods seem to be the most powerful.  Maybe this is because they have a higher understanding of what life is supposed to mean.  
The item that I am offering has been touch by the hands of Anubis.  It done during a recent visit of mine the Egypt.  Well, you have to understand that recent to me is a paint a whole different picture than for most of my readers.  By recent I mean that this piece was made in the 1980s, when I visited Egypt to stay with a powerful sorcerer named Tak.  I cannot say I fully understand the meaning behind his name.  He was an apprentice the very first time that I visited the lands of Egypt.  This occurred directly after my transformation into an immortal.  I was on the run from my adversaries from whom I had escaped.  I stayed with some magicians in Egypt, wearing a normal face in the crowd.  It was during this time that I first met Tak.  
Tak and I have been good friends ever since.  We share magic with each other and meet in the astral realms to explore.  In my most previous visit to Egypt, his assistance in developing this piece was fundamental.  He has a better knowledge of the pyramids than I do personally.  This is why he was able to direct me in my search to find the perfect methodology to empowering this little trinket.
Tak's advice led me to seeking out what is called the Chamber of Death.  It is called so, because it is believed that when you enter the chamber, you die.  You are left in the chamber for three full days without food or water.  When the priests go to retrieve you, you are resurrected.  This will have allowed you to pass through the life cycle of the Sun God, who rises and falls every day.  You will have awaken with infinite knowledge and visions to convey to those around you.  I decided to switch this process up just a little bit.  Instead of actually going into the chamber myself, my idea was to leave this item in my.  The place worked out quite marvelously.
The piece that is pictured with this listing has remained in the Chamber of Death for three solar cycles, or as we know them, days.  On the end of the third solar cycle, the piece was resurrected.
My intentions for this piece were to somehow give it infinite knowledge.  I tell you that it did not gain infinite knowledge, but the power that it retain is astounding.  I have not seen anything quite like it in my some hundred years of living.  During its stay in the Chamber of Death, this piece was actually touched by the hand of Anubis.  Anubis is the Keeper of the Dead, also called the Protector of the Dead or the Protector of Souls.  
As a result of having been touched by the Protector of Souls, this piece has gained an ability unlike any other.  When used, this piece allows you to defy the odds and call out the name of whom you desire to communicate  with.  You will complete this task through the simple process of writing down the name of whom you seek contact.  Fold the paper in fours and seal it with a drop of your own blood.  This piece develops a spiritual bond with the spirit whose name you've written down on the paper.  It bears no difference who you seek to conjure, the power will work for all alike.  
This hand will reaches out into the Underground, which is the Egyptian way of saying the realm of souls, and pulls whatever spirit you call.  How your experience with this soul goes is up to you, but you can't hold the same soul for more than seventy-two hours, which again, is a three solar cycles.  Having said that, this piece will conjure any and all souls.  The hand brings the souls directly to you.  You can use these souls to gain their magic, for simple communication, or to find out the answers to all the questions and secrets you have.  
The second facet of this item is where things begin to take a twist for the unexpected and bizarre.
This piece allows you to reach out and take the hand of the soul that you have conjured.  This will then allow you to journey to the spiritual realms, where you will be able to see through the souls eyes.  While here, you will be able to communicate with all the souls that you encounter.  You can communicate with them as if you were actually communicating with another human being.  They will speak to you, give you powers, answer your questions, and show you things that you have never seen before.  These can be white light spirits and souls, or dark ones.  The powers that they can give you and the visions that they will show you cannot be limited, because this is a immortal realm.  You can literally come back with any power or ability that you seek out.
I have encountered pieces similar to this one, but not quite the same.  This is a definite one-of-a-kind power that is being offered.  As the piece shows, this power is literally the power of the Hand of the Dead and provides a very rare opportunity.    


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