Happiness is in the angle where the wise are gathered. Dashwood's Deeds.
Happiness is in the angle where the wise are gathered. Dashwood's Deeds.
Happiness is in the angle where the wise are gathered. Dashwood's Deeds.
Happiness is in the angle where the wise are gathered. Dashwood's Deeds.

Happiness is in the angle where the wise are gathered. Dashwood's Deeds.

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This is a piece I really love! Using this is so simple and you don't have to wear it. This was made as I understand it in France. This was made or bought by Dashwood so it is very old. If you know who he is you know this is high occult magic! This is one of those pieces that is serious and carries a dual nature. I have seen only good out of it but then again I never used it for anything bad. I'm listing it as dual occult magic simply because of who owned it.

I do know this was conjured with occult magic in two places, long ago at the Hellfire Club. most recently it was done at the Blagnac Pyramid in France. Using the magic symbolism, the thirteen channels of magical power, Bronze tablets and occult flow this piece has been reborn.

This little box holds the magic of both places and both rituals. The meaning of Happiness is in the angle where the wise are gathered means simply the knowledge of the stars and how they power the pyramids. Mainly the ancient magic of the planets, stars and the beings who were cast to them from the original Heaven. Original Heaven means what all entities, spirits and angels lived before the breaking of the laws. These laws do include the interaction between the angels and the humans. The knowledge that one species held was not to be passed to another and yet it was. As time passed only those of status were informed of these magics and they were almost always men. The only woman in later years was the whore of Babylon who was the lover of Aleister Crowley. This item was passed to him at some point. Other owners who may have held this I have no knowledge of. It was recently that this was placed into the Pyramid to empower it for more modern times while keeping with the ancient traditions.

What does it do?

This is said to hold a angel of constellations. This angel manages them all and the power they are allowed to send down any where on this planet. Mostly this is done through the pyramids, ALL the pyramids, both ancient and new. The modern pyramid in France holds everything gathered from all pyramids. These occult unearthly magics were not gathered by man but by entities of these constellations.

To use this piece is to granted what you would desire in any situation. This piece has been tested and the resuts were extremely gratifying.

The reason it holds the astrological signs are because those are the signs of men, what we have been born under. Yes there are more and on this of course Pluto is counted. Pluto didn't just disappear or appear but has always held a sign.

To use this you would decide what you want or need. This can be a situation, a lover, a condition or a life change. You may also pick something material or even a life style which is what Dashwood used it for. Crowley used it for occult magic and conjuring. I have used it for a situation and one material item. The bottom line is you use it or what you want. 

There is no bonding with this item. Magic flows through the piece like energy flows through the pyramids. You will tap into your intentions and wants by just writing it on a small piece of paper and burning it. The ashes will be placed into the container for 13 hours. At the end of the time you will allow the ashes to blow outside,anywhere is fine.

Another great thing about this piece is that you can't mess up. You don't have to worry about getting something you don't want or doing it wrong. When you take pen or pencil to the paper the magic has already begun. You confirm it when you place it in the container for 13 hours. You know what you want and this amazing piece of occult magic gives it to you.


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