Harold Long Dong, Youtube
Harold Long Dong, Youtube

Harold Long Dong, Youtube

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This piece is an amazing sex spirit.  I've copied the original description, but make sure to check out exclusive details on Youtube:  https://youtu.be/v_sOTZKoQnQ


If you aren't into sex magic, then this piece isn't for you.  If you aren't into having sexual relations with sex spirits this piece isn't for you.  That's because this piece holds the presence of a very strong will Scandinavian Sex Spirit who we are calling Harold Long Dong.  Why are we calling him that?  Well, in those times a lot went into a name.  They could be either insulting or laudatory in nature and we figured if there could be nicknames like Eysteinn Harm-Fart and Hergils Button Ass, we could name our sex spirit something unique, too.  That's how we came up with Harold Long Dong.  We like it and we know that when you use this piece, you will like it, too. 
So, who is Harold Long Dong?  He is a sex spirit that we came across during an astral travel one time.  We're not sure if he got lost after dying and couldn't find his way to Valhalla, or if there were some other sets of extenuating circumstance surrounding his existence, but he was stuck on the astral planes and begged us to take him with us.  In fact, he tried to get after DeeDee a time or two, or ten, but we just had to politely remind him that his time would come soon enough.  
Harold Long Dong is an ancient Viking sorcerer who specialized in the art of sex magic.  He has a highly driven libido and if you let him, he will have sex with you day and night.  He loves doing sex magic because he loves sex.  He's quite good at it too from what was told to use during the testing of this piece.  
This can be used in one of several ways.  The first way you are going to use this piece is to have sex directly with the sex spirit.  He is amazing at what he can do and he is in spirit form, so when you have a union with him, it is going to be in soul form.  This piece allows you to leave your body to meet Harold on the astral plane, where he will give you astral orgasms galore, the way any warrior should be able to, frankly.  
Second, this piece can be worn by a female during sex.   The magic will travel through the woman's body out of her vagina and into the man's body so that way he will stay harder longer.  He will thrust deeper and the overall sexual satisfaction will be out of this world.  
The third way this piece can be used is by being worn by a male.  This will help with any sexual inadequacies that you may have.  It will help you go longer and will make you a master over many different sex positions that you didn't even know existed.  It will help you please your partner in ways they have never experienced.  
The reason Is ay this piece isn't for you if you don't like doing it with sex spirits is because that is going to happen.  Harold will relent until you give into him because there's nothing he loves more than some good nookie.  He will want to have sex with you and trust me when I tell you-- you're not going to want to say no!! 

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