Haruspex Destiny
Haruspex Destiny

Haruspex Destiny

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As I'm sure you all already know, there are different types of sorcerers and magicians. They all hold different powers and different types of magic that spans in time from decades old to the beginning of time. The particular type of sorcerer that this piece holds is called a Haruspex. The Haruspex is a type of diviner and soothsayer. He has the ability to not only show the past, present, and future but to also summon souls, angels, and demons.

This is a spirit piece and we have summoned the presence of a Haruspex from the 14th Century. He holds the abilities that we have laid out above, but he also holds one particular ability that makes him extremely powerful, even more so than other sorcerers of his class. He has the ability to complete change and rearrange destiny. He claims that this ability was given to him directly from the Angel of the Lord, who was given this ability directly from God.

Either way, this Haruspex sorcerer holds this ability. It is the ability that you gain when you wear this bracelet. It will allow you to pull the Haruspex who will come to you in his soul form, connected to you at the wrist. He will show you your future. You will then be able to ask him to change it to reflect those things that you most desire. This piece is also useful in his ability to see the past, as he will show you not only your own past but the past of others. Additionally, when we say that he can show the present, it is not just your own present. It can be the present through the eyes of any person you choose. You could find out what other people are doing, if they are plotting against you, if they are cheating, trying to deceive you, etc.

Also, he still has the ability to summons those souls, angels, and demons. We kind of skipped over that because his ability to change the future is so amazing. Don't forget he can also summon any soul for you, angels, and demons. Although, unless you are pretty advanced I would refrain from summoning demons. Just a word of advice.

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