Haute De La Garenne
Haute De La Garenne
Haute De La Garenne
Haute De La Garenne

Haute De La Garenne

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It was like a scene out of a horror movie when they finally realized what was happening in Jersey. No, I'm not talking about New Jersey in the United States. I'm talking about the country Jersey, which isn't actually really its own country because it depends on the English crown. However, it is self-governing and that is most likely how they got away with hiding the allegations of child abuse and rape. In the end, some 200 victims came forth alleging child abuse, rape, torture, and other forms of mistreatment. The children even reported that some of the other children had gone missing never to be heard from again.

Since Jersey is technically self-governing, no outside authorities had been involved in preliminary reports. It wasn't until Jimmy Savile and Haut De La Garenne were busted that Jersey officials finally agreed to allow outside investigators to come in and do their job. It was a grisly discovery that not only was Jimmy Savile mistreating and abusing children, so were many high profile celebrities from all over the world and very influential politicians from all over the world. Most of them were not discovered, some of them were and it was swept under the rug. Either way, it is clear that Haute de la Garenne, a workhouse for children was actually a place where many people gathered to sexually children. When Junior police officers attempted to help those making accusations they were thwarted by Seniors. Officials hid the accusations. When the children would complain about the sexual abuse they encountered, they'd be beaten and locked in cellars for days.

Bones were found on the premises as well. These bones could reportedly not be dated, but it was clear that these bones were human. There was one researcher who said the bones could have possibly been only a few decades old but that there was no solid proof to back up his claim. It seemed almost like even after being discovered, the ongoings of Haute de la Garenne were still being covered up. The question is, "Why?" Why, after all that had been figured out would somebody not want to put a stop to it and bring these criminals to justice. The simple answer is that too many high profile people were in on the secret. This is because Haute De La Garenne was not just a workhouse for children or a place where people went to abuse them. Children there did go missing and this is because Jersey Island is a place where Blood Rituals take place. You can liken it unto Bohemian Grove if you want, but in my opinion, it is much worse, because the only sacrifices that they offered were children.

Let me assure you that this has been going for centuries. There is something strange about Jersey that people are drawn to. It must be the magic of the ancients who lived on the island throughout the years, but the place has kind of a desolate energy and feeling of despair. It is the perfect kind of place for these rituals and hidden, covered up secrets. This is exactly what has gone in Jersey since at least the 1700s. Children have been being sacrificed over the past several centuries in not longer and the governments of the world cover it up. They abused these children and then used them in blood rituals and sacrifices.

I wouldn't expect you to believe me simply by me telling you it happened. That's why I am offering this piece. This piece is an antique piece from the late 1800s and has existed on the Island Jersey since that time. It is a piece that was developed by French Royalty during an invocation of Moloch himself who appeared to the French nobility in the form of a giant owl. He granted the magic in this piece and it has been used by the presiding sorcerer over all magical rituals on the island since them. Well, it won't be used anymore obviously, we have it now.

This piece is the presence of Moloch who is the ancient god of sorcery and can grant any type of sorcery that is asked of him. This means that he can create any type of magic that is needed or wanted, which is what this piece has done for the people at Haute De La Garenne. This piece has been used and the children have been used as the sacrifices for the leaders and famous people of the world to be able to gain the powers that they want. Mostly, their desires include wealth and fame, sometimes beauty or immortality. Politicians have asked for power and influence and have walked away with all that they've ever wanted.

This piece is not inherently evil. The way it was being used for the blood rituals of children extremely wrong. I wouldn't condone those types of behaviors ever. However, you cannot deny the magic that is inside of this piece. It all depends on how the piece is used. It can do black magic. It can do dual magic, neutral magic, or white magic if that is what you want. It will literally do any kind of magic that you want it to do. It will grant anything that you ask of it. It has seen the hands of the Royals. It has seen the hands of many famous movie stars, pop singers, and politicians. It has granted them all that they have ever wanted and it will do the same for you.

The three stones signify the powers of the past, the present, and the future. This is because using these powers, you can change the past, manipulate the present, and rewrite your future. It allows you to rearrange and infuse your life with any type of powers that you want. You can erase parts of the past that might come to haunt you. You can fully transform your present life by making it want you want it to be and/or infusing your life with magic. You will dictate your future with the powers in this pieces, as well. This is why so many people have used this piece in their blood sacrifices. I hate to say it, but even people of Christian and Catholic faith have used this piece. Its powers are mesmerizing and intoxicating.

With this piece, you gain all the abilities I have described above. You can bring forth any kind of power. You can change your past, present, or future. You can use its magic to make anything manifest or make anything cease to exist. These powers are the powers of Molech and extremely powerful. You will not have to do anything like human blood sacrifices or rituals or anything like that. Simply offer this piece a drop of your own blood, or if you are uncomfortable with that you can also use saliva. It won't be long before the powers in this piece come to you. Molech might show himself to you, he might not. This is not a spirited piece but does hold a connection to the god. Either way, it will grant all that you have ever wanted and more. With something as powerful as this piece its no wonder they tried to keep everything hidden. They never had to hurt the children, though. They knew this. It was just a tradition for the blood rite ceremonies and rituals. Karma will get them. Until then, keep the powers of this piece live by granting yourself all you've ever wanted.

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