He Who Smelt It Celt It

He Who Smelt It Celt It

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When archaeologists found a Celtic smelting furnace near Warkocz in Poland, we knew we had to get in on the action. We have people all over the place, so we called in a favor. What our connection was able to do for us was to gather bits of metal that were found with the furnace. We are talking about scraps that predate Jesus.

We had the metal remade into this piece. We have tested the piece and have determined that it holds the presence of an immortal Celtic sorcerer. I imagine what they were making with the furnace was some sort of ritual piece, because the sorcerer's energies were left over, even in the scraps. When you use this piece, the Celtic sorcerer will connect with you and will grant you ancient knowledge and the secrets of Celtic magic. This includes being able to cast ancient Celtic spells and recreate ancient Celtic magic of your own.

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