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Keep your head up and meet Nellie the African elephant. This is a female and all African elephants have tusks, male or female. As most of you know we are close to AC and test many of the luck items in AC at the Golden Nugget. We test on the tables and on the wheel and always move last to the slot machines. The cards are my favorite but after that I do like the slot machines. I love wheel of fortune but now I found a volcano one that I love but the casino only has one of them. I have to go on a weekday to get it. Psychically I also always know when to go, weird but true. So now to test I go whenever so I get a better reading on the item.

This item was tested by more then a few on a different variations of wealth. This was tested on casino's, luck in all kinds of ways and even just wearing it to see what would happen.  Also for the first time a wealth item like this was used as a dual piece! This was a odd situation where a woman was holding this guy hostage over wealth and that darkness was destroyed. So that was so much different then the usual wealth items.

I guess you could say that this piece does luck in all ways but includes wealth in doing so.

This is a vintage piece and is made out of real Ivory. That doesn't mean we killed or agree with this type of thing but it is older and done before the laws against it. We also understand that this was made by a witch doctor for all things luck related.



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