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I'm sure most of you have already read the story, so I will give only a brief description of the event.  I was led by visions that I had been having since childhood into catacombs beneath the city of Venice, Italy.  While I was there I took a bust of Jesus, which is actually the true presence of Jesus.  He is a separate listing.  If you remember correctly, I also told you that the catacombs also held the remnants of many saints, some of whom you will recognize and some of whom you've never heard of in your life.  These Saints are most powerful, as I have also told you.  There was one who could turn things to gold, one who could create galaxies and one who could rain hell-fire down upon someone with a mere look.  This piece embodies the powers - and a chunk of the heart-- of one of the most powerful saints to have ever existed and the most powerful saint that is located in the catacombs.
I must admit I was a bit taken aback when I first discovered his body there.  I wasn't around to see this saint alive, I'm not quite that old.  What I'm saying is that I didn't recognize him by face, but the moment I set my eyes on him, I knew it was him.  It was like a supernatural sonar went off in my head and it was beeping, telling me that this was definitely Saint Ignatius  For most of my life, growing up, I had been forced into Catholic customs.  I'm not saying that is was terrible or that this was a bad thing.  Most children do not want to be forced to do anything, much less have to go to a Catholic Mass.  I can admit that I must have been a bit unruly being forced into conformity, but in those days you had to go to church or things would turn out to be excessively bad for you.
As a child, I remember my lessons in saints and sainthood.  It seemed like that is what everyone was going for.  Everybody wanted to wind up as a saint or a martyr.  I remember being taught that a basilica was built somewhere in Italy, specifically for Saint Ignatius of Loyola.  He had his own official resting spot, even boasting a canonized and decently preserved body.  I can tell you right now that the display of this saint is one of the biggest conspiracies and cover-ups of the Catholic Church, because I can tell you beyond a shadow of any doubt that the saint the I encountered-- and the saint to whom this chunk of heart once belonged - was Saint Ignatius of Loyola.  I didn't even have to question it, I just knew.
I since had the artifact set into this capsule, so that way it would stay preserved forever.  I was so overwhelmed in having this piece, simply given the fact that Ignatius was a no-nonsense kind of guy.  He didn't conform to rules and he never will.  To begin with, he was a resilient soldier.  He was unwounded until fate would change on 20 May 1521.  A canon ball wounded his leg and broke the other.  He simply got up and hobbled back to the castle where they did emergency surgery on him without any anesthesia or pain medication.  Part of his bone was cut off and had to hobble due to the fact that one of his legs was shorter than the other.
The most fascinating thing about this Saint, however, is the fact that he is the founder of what is called the Society of Jesus.  You may recognize this group, but they are more commonly referred to as the Jesuits.  The Jesuits are a covert group of cleryman who have embraced the power of Kabbalah as hidden by the prophets in the Bible.  There are many secret and covert forms of magic-- dual magic at that-- hidden in the Bible in what is called the Bible Code.  Ignatius was somehow able to figure out this code and he founded what was formally called the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits.  They have since used their powers to control every aspect of our lives-- they own all media outlets, entertainment outlets, the control central banking, the control the government.  They are literally like the New World Order thanks in full to the powers that were given to them by the Bible Code.  
In the Bible there is a code, it's like a DNA for man.  In it is recorded a copy of every power and magic that has ever been created or will ever be created.  It's in the way that the Bible was written by the prophets under the influence of the Holy Spirit, who is God's messenger.  This secret society just chose to use their power and influence to dominate the world.  This is not what the Bible Code was intended for.  It was written as such to allow man to gain enlightenment through meditation on the Bible.  This is why the head of the Jesuit society is called the Black Pope.  He is the Jesuit's head authority and has mastered the Bible Code, as have all people who call themselves Jesuits.  Saint Ignatius was their first leader - the first Black Pope if you will.  
This piece contains, as I have told you, a small fragment of St Ignatius' heart.  I took it from the catacombs as well and later had it set into this piece.  With this piece, you can hold it in your hands while reading the Bible.  It will highlight the secret codes that are set forth and you will comprehend them fully.  It will be like a blind person suddenly being able to see at first.  This is the best way I can equate it.  Through the text, all of sudden, you will begin to see codes for every single kind of magic that has ever been created or will ever be created. You can thumb through the Bible and you will see pages upon pages of magical abilities suddenly at the tips of your fingers.  You can use this piece to summon forth any of the powers you see within the text. In other words, this piece will allow you to grant yourself ANY and ALL powers you want.  All you have to do is find what power it is you want, as it is written in Bible Code and it will be yours for the taking.


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