Heavenly Man and the Secret
Heavenly Man and the Secret

Heavenly Man and the Secret

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In the Kabbalah they speak of the Heavenly Man and how he is a spirit that was born with the tree of life.  They teach that you may pull from the universe the true God and gain his power. They also say he can take a human form and stand before you. I know that last part is simply not true and he would burn you to look upon him.
What is true is that you can have God in physical form but it is not as they say. If you are trying to learn this or accomplish this you never will. You see the important stuff is always left out so only very people learn the truth.
Yes you can have God in full form but he will enter YOU. You will know he is there and you will learn and gain that same power. You will however never look upon him. When it is spoken about God taken full form he does but he does it in you with the right magic for you to do this. That is what this is.
While this ring looks so normal, even though pretty it is pretty but pretty powerful! You will see the world through Gods eyes and look at it much differently. You will understand everyone and what makes them tick. You will never look at people the same again. One of the most mind blowing experiences was looking at a child molester. I'm not going to go into it but I was seriously weirded out! I also won't explain it because you have to experience some things for yourself to fully understand them.
The Jesus and Veronica Djinn sold and through using this piece I learned how and why it worked as it did.
This ring is not just about understanding people but only one small aspect of it. The main thing is being and holding the power of God. I do have a ring for men too. Both are sterling silver.
This is one that I wouldn't pass up at the price I placed on it. If Vic was adding this on it would be a lot more.


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