Heavenly White Lion of Judah

Heavenly White Lion of Judah

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The Great White Lion, the one that has also been referred to as the Lion of Judah and the Lion of God, exists in Heaven.  It is carved entirely out of marble and has been given striking purple eyes.  The lion sits in one position at all times and is three times the size of the Egyptian Sphinx on Earth.  Although stationary, the Lion of Judah has been given a life of its own 

Through its glassy purple eyes, he has seen all things.  He was created by God at the Beginning of Times.  If God is the Alpha the White Lion is the Beta.  Thus, he is also called the Beta Lion  He never sleeps and he sees all things.  He knows all things.  He sees all magic and the entirety of existence.  The lion has a direct connection to God through which God also sees all things.  

For years, we have been trying to get a piece that contains the power of the White Lion of Judah, but we have failed miserably until recently.  This piece holds a chip that has been obtained from the left eye of the White Lion of Judah.  It has been polished and set into sterling silver trimmings.  The pendant was put on a chain.  Don't let this polished look fool you, this piece holds a tremendous amount of power.  

This piece is the power of the White Lion of Judah.  It allows you to see through lion's eyes to see and know everything that the lion sees and know.  When wearing this piece, you will gain all of the powers as set forth above-- the ability to see of al existence, the ability to have seen all times from the very beginning, the ability to know all magic, a direct connection to God, white light powers, the ability to know all existence and the secrets of all existence, the ability know the sole purpose of existence, and the ability to know what the Beta of existence knows.  

This piece is one of a kind and it is extremely powerful.  The magic and knowledge that you gain from using this piece should be treated as such.  You will hold a great amount of power and with great power comes great responsibility  This piece will give you a rush of power unlike any other!  


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