Heaven's Cemetery of Dragons
Heaven's Cemetery of Dragons
Heaven's Cemetery of Dragons
Heaven's Cemetery of Dragons

Heaven's Cemetery of Dragons

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This isn't going to be a huge write-up because coming across the piece wasn't that difficult if I'm being honest. I'll tell you that I was a bit surprised at the magic that is in this piece because I had no idea that there were dragons in Heaven. In fact, I would have thought that dragons were of the devil. However, I stand corrected. As some of you already know, I astral travel to Heaven at least once a week to train and to work things out with my own transformation. Yes, I'm still learning new things every day. Such is the case with most transformations. Some tend to think it is bada-bing bada-boom and it's done. Let me assure you, everyone is work in progress, even myself.

So, I was working on a spiritual embattlement project with one of my peers. The idea was that we were supposed to be able to relocate ourselves in the flash of an eye. I have every bit of trouble doing this in the flesh as the next person, but in the spirit, it goes a bit smoother. Emphasis on the bit. When I was attempting to "flee" the predator, I somehow ended up in a cave-like place, but it wasn't really a cave at all. The walls were lined with crystal and shimmering gold with stones of all colors. In the corner, there was a chest in the corner and in this chest, there were many relics. This piece is one of them. At first, I stood there and looked, mesmerized by what my eyes were seeing. Then, the wall started to move and an angel the same color as the gold an crystal stepped forth, introducing himself as Archaion. Archaion is one of the eldest angels created by God and guardian of the white light crystal pyramid of Heave, which I had somehow accessed. He told me that it had been centuries since an outside had found their way in and that it wasn't by chance that I wandered into the pyramid. He said that it is never by chance.

As a reward, I was able to choose something from the golden chest in the corner of Archaion's chamber. As I flashed my eyes across the pieces, they came to rest on a particular piece. "Ahhh, yes,' cooed Archaion, "the Dragon Cemetery of Heaven. I'll bet you didn't know Heaven had dragons."

"I did not sir," I replied.

"They are few and far between," he responded. "Go ahead and take it, young one. You've earned it. Each of the dragons will do something different for you."

"But what?" I asked.

"You shall see," the angel replied as he melted back into the wall.

Long story short, when I came back from my training I began working on this piece at once. This piece contains all the souls of the many white light dragons that God had birthed over the years. Each one was birthed for a reason and each one carries a very powerful gift. I will reveal these gifts to you, but it is important that you treat your dragons with respect because they are gifts from God and they were once sent to Earth to hide these powers that you are about to receive. They have since been called home to rest. To awaken them and to activate this piece you will simply light a candle and allow this piece to bask in the light of that candle until it burns out. Do not use a tealight candle. That is the impatient way out and it will not work. Here are the gifts/powers you receive by each of the five white light dragons that you are receiving.

1.) Bloodline of Christ and His knowledge.

2.) The Holy Flame and its ability to purify and cleanse the soul, but also to receive holy visions.

3.) The Scepter of God and its ability to overcome enemies and to overcome all obstacles.

4.) The Rod of Moses so that can create miracles as he did while he was on Earth.

5.) The Ark of the Covenant, so you might know its true location enabling you to visit in spirit form and share the powers that are held within.

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