Heidi Daus Ring, White Flower with Rhinestones, Gorgeous and Well-Made:  Tree of Knowledge, White Sorcery of God
Heidi Daus Ring, White Flower with Rhinestones, Gorgeous and Well-Made:  Tree of Knowledge, White Sorcery of God
Heidi Daus Ring, White Flower with Rhinestones, Gorgeous and Well-Made:  Tree of Knowledge, White Sorcery of God
Heidi Daus Ring, White Flower with Rhinestones, Gorgeous and Well-Made:  Tree of Knowledge, White Sorcery of God

Heidi Daus Ring, White Flower with Rhinestones, Gorgeous and Well-Made: Tree of Knowledge, White Sorcery of God

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We grow up in a system of education that doesn't really serve any purpose other than to teach us the basics.    Don't get me wrong, there are those who are very smart intellectually, but in an age that teaches great things abouts math, science, grammar, and history, where have the noble truths about spirituality gone?  These things have been swept under the rug and dismiss as fairy tales, kind of like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny.  This is because the human mind has become so dull to the things that it cannot see that it dismisses these things as fake, even though our internal mechanisms often tell us otherwise.  A beautiful sunset or a peaceful thunderstorm are quick reminders that there is more to life than the square root of 64.  They are subtle reminders not forget our spiritual beginnings. If there is one thing that has always made sense to me, it is that things don't makes sense and that God works in mysterious ways that way we will never forget our humble beginnings.   

After Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, God hid the Garden so that way mankind would never find its way back to the Garden again. The separation of man and God was the ultimate punishment and rightfully so.  I mean, when you blatantly disrespect God, there is bound to be some form of punishment or another.  Again, I have witnessed this in my own life, as well.  This punishment was to be eternal, so that Adam and Eve would have to suffer to earn back their righteousness nd earn their right to enter the Kingdom of Heaven at their death.  With all disrespect aside, then, I'm having trouble understanding why the power in this piece is necessary.  However, I think that I have figured it out.  It is a constant reminder-- at least it was for Adam and Eve-- of what they were working for and that was to ascertain their perfection once again.  

When the were booted out of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve took with them a collection of treasures.  These treasures were powers of God.  Some of them were in pieces or vessels like the ones we sell and others were merely raw form powers that Adam and Eve could use for their betterment.  Despite having to boot Adam and Eve out, God is still a compassionate being and didn't want them to fail miserably.  The treasures that were given to them by God were hidden in a cave, the whereabouts of which remain a secret, even to this day.  Scholars argue that this is because the cave has never existed.  It's either fantasy or a euphemism for something else.  However, the piece that I am about to offer you is solid proof that these powers exist, in a cave, and that the whereabouts of these powers has been one of the longest and best kept secrets ever.  

The wealth of power that it is in this item comes from a raw form power.  We extracted some of this power and set it into a holding vessel.  We're not sure where the cave is ourselves.  It is somewhere over in the Middle East.  We were there during the testing period of an astral projection piece thy allows you to project yourself anywhere you want.  The subject of the Cave of Treasure came up, so Deedee and I sought out for its location.  Needless to say, we found the cave. There were many other powers that we thought were interesting, but this one speaks the loudest and is the most powerful.  It is the ability to travel into Eden, in your soul form.  

This power was given to Adam and Eve as a constant reminder of what they once gave up by disobeying God.  They were not allowed to stay in the Garden or take anything from the Garden.  Rather, they were only allowed to visit on a short term basis.  This way, Adam and Eve would constantly understand that walking in the light of God would allow them to return to where they came from and reclaim their perfection once again, in a higher form, because this time it would be Heaven!  In the meantime this power was just hanging out in this cave and hasn't been used for over thousands of years, because if you remember correctly, the only people who knew about this cave were Adam and Eve.  That is all about to change, though.  

Remember earlier, when I said that this is raw form energy?  Well, we were able to put it into this piece that we are calling the Flower of Eden.  It allows whomever is wearing the piece to travel to the Garden of Eden.  While you are here, you will be able to witness the white light magic of God at play.  Things exist differently, and instead of humans the Garden is now filled with thousands of beautiful Angels that you will be allowed to interact with, to gain their powers and abilities.  These include any type of white light powers and abilities you may want to gain.  All you have to do is find the right angel, and the angel will give you its power!  You will also be able to explore the Garden at your leisure, but I'd hold off on eating any fruit.  Well, you won't be able to anyhow because you'll be in full astral form.  

The most impressive part of this power, which it did not do for Adam and Eve, is that it allows you to gain all the truths from the Tree of Knowledge.  The Tree of Knowledge will give you just that-- knowledge of all things.  This includes the white sorcery of God, all of the secrets that have been written in the Bible, but hidden from the human eyes, the ability to do white light workings including healing and spiritual awakening, white light wealth, psychic awakening, and the ability to see into all other people's minds as God can to hear their prayers are the powers you gain with this piece, among others.  However, the fact that you get to experience Eden first hand is enough power if you ask me!  This piece is nothing short of phenomenal! 


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