Helltown, Ohio
Helltown, Ohio

Helltown, Ohio

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I'm doubtful you will fin a place as creepy as New Boston, Ohio. Dubbed "Helltown" this place was long abandoned after the government took back the town, claiming eminent domain. It's funny how our government has that right. I wonder how the Native Americans feel about that?? Either way, Helltown was taken back by the government under the pretenses that the town was infringing upon national park. The idea was that this land needed to be preserve for forestry efforts in the area. I could smell bullcrap as soon as I began researching the place.

It was long after that when we finally decided to go investigate this place on our own. Indeed the place is rather creepy and without getting into a whole big story about the place, the government didn't shut down the town due to forestry at all. They shut the town down for reasons they will never admit to. There is a secret base under the mountains of the tri-state area where Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia meet-up. The base is use for secret investigations into experimental things such as anti-matter, time-travel, and space-travel. In fact, reports of strange lights at night time can be remembered by any resident in this area-- the few that are left that is.

Either way, we ended up coming across a man who led us up to a fence in the woods, which he said marked the perimeter of the secret base. We used cloaking pieces that made use invisible to explore the area and soon enough found a way into the base. The base wasn't impressive in terms of other places we have been, but it was manned somewhat heavily-- and for good reasons to. The powers and abilities that are hidden in this base rival any of those that can be found at area 51 and that is a fact. We have seen the testing rooms with our own eyes.

This piece, which we secured during our investigation allows for several abilities, all rolled into one piece. First, it allows you to use the anti-matter functionality to open up blackhole portals to other realms of existence. In these realms you will find all kinds of things from different races of beings to exotic powers and abilities. It also allows for time-travel. With this piece you can travel anywhere in the past, present, or future. It gives the ability to become invisible. It gives the ability to bi-locate yourself via astral travel. it also gives ancient alien knowledge similar to that knowledge that was give to the Egyptians when they were first visited by their alien friends thousands of years. This piece also includes a protection power to keep you safe in the places you visit while using it.


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