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Achieving Your Goals & Dreams

I have seen it so many times. A person gets a new job, a new car, a new relationship and they are over the moon excited. They make plans of what their dreams and goals will be and they do their best to start working toward it. Then something happens and those goals and dreams never get accomplished. Or the goal date gets pushed back over and over again. Think of New Years Resolutions. So many people are excited and truly want to achieve these goals but 2-3 weeks go by and those goals are thrown out with yesterdays paper. Why is this? There are different reasons. It could be a confidence thing where you feel you are not good enough. It could be that when you were growing up your parents did not give you the proper education on following through with things. Finances. Stress. Forgetfulness. Even laziness. We have all been there at one point or another.

This was my sister for years. She started many home businesses. Pampered Chef, 2 electric supply companies, and never made money. In fact, she lost money from all 3. She wanted to diet and exercise regularly and she was all in. She started drinking only water. Bought all the right foods and was even doing a live video after each workout. But then the cheat meal came. Then a snack she shouldn't have had. Then a missed workout and 3 weeks into her new goals she was done. Don't even get me started on how many books she started reading but never finished because she either had other things to do or found other books she was excited about and couldn't wait to start. She hated this never ending the cycle and I could see she was not the only one who had this problem. I even had my own cycle.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could get rid of that middle ground stopping us from getting to the finish line of our goals and dreams? Well lucky for you I know incredible people. People with power and influence. I had a piece made for my sister and it worked so well. She is now doing great with her diet and exercise. She has read and finished 3 books including doing her daily devotional without missing a day. And she started a new home business with a well-known company and is doing really good with it. She has hit the first 4 promotions and is going to be reaching the 5th one which is a big deal. I have never seen her so happy or excited about life. She has a new confidence in her that I have never seen before. Not to mention her health and wealth are both better than it has been in years. Because the piece worked so well I had others made. I have one for myself that I carry with me everywhere. I also had a couple more made for my mother and children. I also had extras made that I wanted to pass on to Deedee for her store. The power in these pieces is not fully known. Part of the power comes from an old vampire who instilled some of his mind control abilities. This mind control is not on you but on whatever is holding you back from reaching your hearts desires. It will help you see clearly what you want, what you need to do in small steps to get there and what to do after you reach those goals.

These are made of glass and real gold inside them. These pendants need to be worn first to heat up and collect your energy. Since the description has been typed up more testing has been conducted. This testing gave us much insight into how they worked. You not only see clearly but you are given luck and mystical magic to help get what you want done.

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