Hidden Power Within the Capsule of the International Airport of Denver | STAR
Hidden Power Within the Capsule of the International Airport of Denver | STAR
Hidden Power Within the Capsule of the International Airport of Denver | STAR
Hidden Power Within the Capsule of the International Airport of Denver | STAR
Hidden Power Within the Capsule of the International Airport of Denver | STAR

Hidden Power Within the Capsule of the International Airport of Denver | STAR

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The International Airport of Denver has a time capsule situated beneath a capstone that is addressed to the people of Colorado in 2094 from the Freemasons, which states:

"The time capsule beneath this stone contains messages and memorabilia to the people of Colorado in 2094."

We are aware that the Freemasons and most other cults who are pushing toward a New World Order do so with the desire to unify all religions under one God, which will be Satan. There have been suspicions of this airport in the past, primarily over why it was even rectified in the first place when there was already a perfectly functional airport in Stapleton just 6 miles away. Why build another one so close?

We knew it was very likely that whatever is hidden beneath the capstone in this airport is bigger than what one might be giving it credit for. We decided to visit the stone ourselves.

The stone had mysterious masonic symbols hidden among the stone, which we also found in other parts of the airport as well. It suggested that the airport is playing a bigger role than we expected. We discovered that there was a symbol in nearly every corner of the airport. We even found one wing that was closed off completely. It took time but we did eventually gain access to this wing and what we found proved every last one of our suspicions.

The International Airport of Denver is built over a complete network of sections, one of which even leads to the alleged capsule itself despite that fact that it is meant to be buried. It sits in a glass case instead that can be accessed from a room underground, which means the contents can be changing constantly. The entire place is void of anyone and anything. It suggests that its existence is mostly a precaution. It may very well exist to house people of importance if and whenever tragedy strikes or the Freemasons know something no one else does and they are preparing.

We don't know if anyone has become aware that we know of this place or if they intend to make use of it any time soon but we are keeping tabs on it.

While we were there, we did investigate the capsule. It is mostly filled with messages as expected, which explain and justify the Freemasons belief. There is plans for the future, which begin in the year that the capsule is intended to be opened. It states that all will play a role under the New God and he will lead each and every one of them into the New World safely. There are forms of propaganda designed to deter one from other religions. There are manipulation enchantments in place, which we were not affected by.

This piece was also in the capsule. There was only one and it is addressed to the leader of 2094. We have placed enchantments on it that make it untraceable. No one, even those in the Freemasons, will know where this item goes. They will not be able to see it, touch it, or remove it.

It allows the wearer a series of abilities that are granted over a period of time. The first ability that is granted is wealth, which is intended to increase the leader's position of influence. The next wave brings the influence, which was meant to make use of the position bought with the wealth. Next comes raw energy that grants any ability that the wearer may need use of at the time. Over time, the powers are permanently inherited. The final is preservation and with this power, you can grant others power or you can bestow it upon other items. We have no idea why or for what this item would be used for but we are confident it will be safer in the hands of one of you.

This ring is 14K gold, size 10.5. We do not know if the diamonds are real but we would assume they are. We do have a diamond tester and can test them for you if you desire. Inside the band of the ring, there is a very special magical engraving. It will be revealed to the owner as they will clearly be able to read it and that will activate the ring for them.

What is unusual about this ring is that we came across another ring just like this with the same exact engraving. It was a 14K gold ring as well. It looks just like it, it is the exact same ring, which is surprising. The only thing different was the size and location where we found it. Where we got the ring we got years ago was from the same people we would be dealing with today.

We found out more about the diamonds/stones, which represent 1,000 points of light. They have to do with the original capstone that was on the Giza pyramid. The experiences that we have had with this are everything we have listed above and then some.

The then some would include a one time levitation experience in which we levitated off of the ground as if we were lying and beams of light were coming through our body. When we touched them, we felt a warm heat and heard a voice that asked us what we wanted to become. At that point, we willed ourselves back to the ground. We did not experience that part of the ring ever again. We do not know what this means.

The wealth experienced of the thing has been indescribable for the tester. Getting something that we had ask for that was nearly impossible did happen. Being able to influence people and things is very easy. This is one very powerful rare ring.

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