Holy Diagram of Eminent Power Designed Specifically for You | STAR | 2
Holy Diagram of Eminent Power Designed Specifically for You | STAR | 2

Holy Diagram of Eminent Power Designed Specifically for You | STAR | 2

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The sacred diagram of eminent power consisted of three points and a core point. When they were connected they created an enormous influx of holy white light magic. Arranged correctly, it could birth a vessel of power so immense, it would have no rival. It was designed by the first light sorcerer ascended in secret under King David and it was meant to replicate the same unhindered magic that King David himself could tap into.

The four points were designed as follows:

Knowledge.  This corner manages the complete knowledge of the diagram and all of the power it controls. It consists of any and every powerful secret that has ever been born of this diagram. It is all known immediately to those who possess the real diagram.

Craft.  This corner manages the basic formation of magic. With these key components, any magic can be manifested and used in an instant. Craft also reflects on your DNA - magic that is specific to you on a cellular level.

Collateral.  This corner manages physical attributes that are affected by the influx of power. This is the corner that generates the most intense and potentially devastating power through the entire diagram. It is so powerful that it takes time to actually get used to. This corner feeds off of other sources. It pulls power and expels what you do not wish to hold on to.

Output.  This point exists in the center of the other three corners. It is the outcome produced when all other corners are joined together. The result? The power of a god.

Aside from along the direct bloodline under the Holy Grail, this diagram was supposed to be an indirect 'gift from God' given to those who King David though worthy. What was created instead was something that was rejected by King David because of how powerful it turned out to be.

It rivaled the magic he could bestow. He ordered it to be destroyed and was lead to believe that it had been but the thing about this diagram is that once it was created, as it was created with light magic directly channeled from God himself, it could not be harmed. The diagram could not be destroyed and the power it bestowed was definite to anyone who came in possession of it.

The original diagram was concealed by the priest in an effort to hide his failure to destroy it from King David. However, King David had discovered this before he succeeded and had struck the priest down where he stood, which warped the magic of the diagram slightly. As the diagram had witnessed sin at the hands of white light power, the magic within the diagram became almost of a dual nature. It still could not be destroyed, not even by King David.

In an effort to hide it from any generation to come after its creation, King David spoke directly to God who agreed to entrust the diagram to Michael who guarded it up until the 18th century when a prophet revealed that God would allow the diagram to reach the realm of the living once more.

It was not revealed why exactly but it did tie into something that would occur some time in the 21st century. The prophet said that, after the diagram reached the mortals, it would eventually play a very important part in a global and historical even that would take place in the 21st century. We do not know what this is, we only know that that is originally the circumstance of the debut of this diagram into our world. That being said, it has only been in circulation since early 18th century, which makes it a very rare code.

These pieces embody the real power of the original sacred diagram of eminent power. With these, you control the temperament of all situations in all of its entirety. You can inspire discord, you can inspire karma, you can inspire revenge - whatever it is that you desire. You can summon powers and different types of magic. You will instantly know all of the knowledge of magic throughout existence, including dead forms of magic that are no longer practiced or have otherwise been forgotten by time. You will be able to utilize immense power of a Godlike nature.

These pieces can be used to do just about anything under the sun because all of the points individually cover a multitude of territories. Together, they cover existence. It is a guarantee that these pieces will expose you to an entirely different outlook on the world and all of the magic within it. This is complete and borderline ultimate power.

These pieces were created with the original piece but they are designed for both beginners and advanced users. We will need your full name, birth date, place of birth and brief history of your NATURAL abilities.

There are a lot of listings for these pieces but you should pick the piece that calls to you because this is very important to ensure you get the piece that aligns with you best. For all pieces that we have put to this listening, even though you need to pick the one that calls for you, you may transfer it into another vessel.


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