Holy Power Diffuser
Holy Power Diffuser
Holy Power Diffuser

Holy Power Diffuser

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This piece holds the knowledge of all things sacred and holy. Hence, the Tree of Knowledge on the lid. It has been metaphysically charged with the energies and powers of the Tree of Knowledge. It was created for us my Emir and what this piece is going to do is bring you the powers of the magical abundance that God has set forth for us in nature. To do this, you will need to know two things-- what you wish to grant yourself and the element of nature that can bring that to you. This is an essential oil diffuser bracelet, but the magic charge that has been put into it kickstarts the magic that is brought to you through energies of the essential oils, which embody the energy of the magical elements that have been placed on Earth by God. It also amplifies their effect by 150x.
To use this piece, you will simply seek out the essential oil that represents what you want. Put some on a piece of cotton. Put the cotton into the bracelet. Wear the bracelet. The energies of the essential oil and the magic in the bracelet work together to bring you to want you most desire. Below is a list of oils and what type of magical attributes and the oil you need to use in order to gain what you are looking for. Plus, you will smell amazing while using it!

1. For abundance use pine.
2. For sexual magic and attraction us jasmine,
3. For astral projection use sandalwood.
4. For finding love use rose.
5. For use in banishing demons and entities use Mugwort
6. For new beginnings in life wear juniper.
7. For binding the souls around you to your own soul use Cypress
8. To break bindings use Frankincense.
9. To attract white light blessings wear Rosemary
10. To fulfill clairvoyance use Frankincense.
11. For mental clarity and focus use cardamom
12. For spiritual communication use valerian root.
13. For a boost in confidence choose lemon.
14. For Courage use clove.
15. For Creativity for purposes of art use Birtch
16. To help with depression use Basil
17. To help facilitate psychic dreams use anise
18. To ground, center, and calm yourself use lavender
19. To promote happiness use orange
20. For longevity use fennel
21. For luck use cinnamon
22. For meditation use chamomile
23. To advert negativity use angelica

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