Holy Trinity Manifest

Holy Trinity Manifest

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This piece comes just in time for Christmas. It would make an excellent gift for those into white light magic. Of course, it would also make an excellent gift for yourself. You know, however you want to work that out is up to you. What I will say is that this piece is full-on white light magic and for the price, you will not find another piece as powerful as this one. Each of the stones on this piece represents 1/3 of the Holy Trinity and each of the stone also holds a small amount of energy from the Holy of Holies.

This energy summons the Holy Trinity to you in a mortal form. When you wear this piece the Holy Trinity will manifest themselves to you in full mortal form. Well, they are in spiritual form actually, but will appear to you in the form of human souls. In other words, they are spirits but will look like humans. It is important to know that this is NOT what God actually looks like. A simple mortal would not be able to look upon the actual face of God and live to tell about it.

When these three appear to you, you will be able to receive the Baptsim of Holy Fire from the Holy Spirit. This will allow you to communicate with them telepathcially. You will be able to ask them any question and they will answer you. You will also be able to ask them for any white light ability and they will grant it to you. You can use this piece to manifest the Holy Trinity as often or a little as you would like, just keep in mind that the initial appearance of the trinity might take some time, because their presence is so powerful

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