Holy Trinity, Three In One

Holy Trinity, Three In One

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We got this piece as the Underground Auction.  We don't know how the person who sold it to us secured the item.  All we know is that it comes from a secret stash from the Coptic Orthodox Church.  Most religious groups have secret stashes.  They learned it from the Vatican.  Again, we aren't sure how they acquire the piece.  All we know is that we got it from them and that the magic in this piece holds great power.  This is because the piece has bee designed to summon the holy trinity individually.  

When looking at the piece you will see three main stones on the piece.  Each of these stones represents one member of the holy trinity.  Each aspect of the holy trinity will grant you a white light power that you will be able to use in the mortal realm.  The bottom stone summons the presence of God the Father.  This will give you the secrets of divine destiny and will allow you to add to and take away from your divine destiny to be able to live a life that you would deem more fulfilling.  The top left summons Jesus Christ the Son.  This will develop a  connection that will allow you to petition Christ to grant white light miracles for you.  He will grant just about anything you ask of him.  The third and final stone summons the Holy Spirit.  This will allow you to speak with the authority of the holy flame, to rid your life of all evil presences, to rejuvenate your soul, and to overcome your obstacles, whatever they might be.

This necklace is massive and the gemstones are real!

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