Hotel Heaven

Hotel Heaven

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When I was 21 it seemed the only music I cared to listen to, at all, was from Jimi Hendrix. It is basically all I listened was like being addicted to his music. Other than that, I never learned much about him, except that he was born in Washington state and I heard he died from an overdose of drugs, but I had no knowledge of about when he was born, died, etc For me, Jimi played the voice of God on the electric guitar!

One night, I went to bed and I had the most amazing dream... or so I thought it was a dream. It began as I found myself before the most beautiful meadow imaginable. I realized I was allowed to visit Heaven. But why? I had no idea why God would grant me this but I was awed nonetheless.

I began looking around taking in the beauty and as I looked to my right, saw in the distance a few other people like me there also. They were walking toward someone, but I didn't know who. So I decided to join them to see what this was all about.

As we approached the person, we realized it was Jimi Hendrix. We knew instantly we had been invited to meet him in Heaven. We were all so very excited and happy because of this. When we stood around him, he was wearing his fringed leather jacket, had one foot resting on a rock, and holding his guitar said, "You have all been brought here for me to play each of your favorite songs, as a gift. But, before I do, there is something you must know."

Jimi's smile diminished and now he became serious. He said, "No matter what you do, you must love people with everything there is in you. You will never be able to go to Heaven unless you love!" We were like, "...Yeah, ok, ok....enough of this, now please play for us!"
Jimi, seeing how we were more concerned about his playing for us than by his message became even more serious and sternly warned us saying, "You don't get it! Love is the most important thing you will ever know! You must love with everything in you, about you and with everything there will ever be about you, or else you will never make it to Heaven."

With that we finally got the message, loud and clear this time, and looked at each other like... so this is why were brought here, for this message. Wow! We were all quite humbled by his message, because we were revealed this truth. It actually changed us for the better from that moment.

With that, Jimi asked each of us our favorite song by him. Of course mine was last, which kind of irked me, but I really didn't mind; it was worth it. For my turn he played "Night Bird Flying." When he was done, he smiled at us and said, "We're done here now, but never forget what I said. Your eternity rests on it...."

At that moment I woke up. I never had a dream like that before. Then it dawned on me that it didn't feel like a dream at all, and I concluded that it must have really happened. I am not prone to believe in paranormal things out there unless I can testify beyond all logic it is true. I flew downstairs with my heart pounding to tell my mom what happened.

She believed me, as she knew I never lied. That was that, or so I thought. A couple hours later, still with all this in my head as I couldn't stop thinking about it, I went outside in the driveway to wash my car. I turned the radio on to the the rock station and it was in the middle of playing a Hendrix song. Oh boy, I thought -- that's neat!

When that song was over, the station played another, and another, and another... for about an hour. Weirder still, they only played the songs I liked best; the ones they never played on the radio. Not only that, there were no commercial interruptions at all. This part really gave me the chills because that station always had commercial interruptions just about after every song.

I was finished washing the car, but I dared not leave. I needed to know what the heck was going on! Then the DJ finally came on and said, "This is our tribute to the late, great Jimi Hendrix, who died ten years ago today." I thought, Oh my god! I completely freaked out and flew into the house to update my mom. She just stood there staring at me not being able to say anything. She just had this wide-eyed frozen look, which only added to freak me out more so I said, "Mom? What is going on here?" She replied, "Debbie, you were truly given a special gift."

We just stared at each other and every single hair on my body was raised. I would have still believed I met Jimi in Heaven if I had not gone outside to wash my car and heard the radio, but the whole thing together only added to the feeling of being validated by the experience of meeting Jimi in Heaven. I have no reason to make this up, I wouldn't even know how to. I don't share this occurrence with many people because of the negative feedback I usually get, even from some of my family members. But I can say I have always felt humbled, honored and blessed to have actually had this happen to me!

The experience of our client was undoubtedly amazing, and we wanted to have others be able to have a similar experience. We learned from Liliana that these occurrences are all about timing, placement, mood and Universal alignment -- and she was able to create a piece for us that captured this spark within it. This will allow you to have an amazing experience.... going to Heaven to get a message from someone influential in your life~!

The powers have been executed and the surge is strong, but we could not fully test it, as this is a once and done thing -- so only you can use it... and then you will gain your amazing experience!!

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