Hybrids: Brothers of Ur
Hybrids: Brothers of Ur
Hybrids: Brothers of Ur
Hybrids: Brothers of Ur

Hybrids: Brothers of Ur

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When you look into the stars, it is almost intrinsic that there is something more out there that we don't know about.  As the human kind, it would be rather shallow and ignorant to think that it a whole universe of power we are the only intelligent organisms to exist.  In fact, if you really think about it, existence is so much greater even our universe.  In the scope of reality in its entirely, our galaxy comprise merely a pinpoint of existence; and this is merely the existence that humans are aware of.  There could be, and most likely is, so much more than that.  Meanwhile, Earth is less than a pinpoint our very own solar system's map.  When you think about it, our existence is actually quite insubstantial when compared to existence as a whole.  We are all caught up on the fact that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up again, while in actuality we should be looking up and out, not down and in.  Answers to questions will never come if we do not inquire.

I have visited the ruins of Ur many times.  There is no arguing that the Sumerians are one of the most advanced, ancient races to have existed.  A lot of what they believed as a group was passed down and incorporated into other civilizations, most notably the Egyptians.  When visiting Ur, it was quite apparent that the gods of Sumeria were quite the gods of other races.  By the way, they were called the Annunaki and rather than viewed as gods in the light that other gods were viewed, their existence was extremely different.  These group of "gods" were descended from outer space, and not even outer space, because they came from even further away than that.  Who they were was actually a group of extraterrestrials that came to Earth during the times of the Sumerians.  They came to spread truth and knowledge to whatever race they encountered here on Earth.  

I guess your could consider them light-force missionary astronauts who landed on Earth and taught the Sumerians a ton of magic and got them set up on a astrological cycle to where days and nights made sense, and constellations could point you to times such as flood season or the harvest.  They taught them all sorts of magic and the Sumerians were very good at recording these types of magic.  You can do the research for yourself.  There are tons of written accounts of these "gods", whether actually written or symbolically drawn.  Proof of their existence is rife in the findings of ancient Sumerian culture.  The ancients were taught by the aliens, point blank.  I mean take the the pyramids for example.  I know they're not Sumerian accomplishments, but they still are a testament of extraterrestrial influence upon our Earth.  Surely, you didn't think humans moved those block alone, right?  

Mainstream knowledge does not dictate the entirety of the Annunaki's involvement on Earth.  Yes, they were immortal beings.  Yes, they came to Earth to spread enlightenment and wisdom.  Yes, the favored human beings.  What is not so known, is that they favored the human beings so much that they also took them as sexual partners.  I'm not really sure how it works with mating between interplanetary races, but I suppose that with the Annunaki it worked out, which doesn't surprise me, because they were at the top of their game concerning every other aspect of their existence.  Genetics wasn't a problem for them and as they took mortal wives to sleep with them they bore a race of children that were alien-human hybrids.  This could be what the Bible is referencing, as well, when it says that the Nephilim took mortal wives.  The stories cross paths and bear a lot of similarities.  Moving on, these hybrids are much like myself in the way that they are born with all the knowledge of the Annunaki, as well Annunakiimmortality; but they can be destroyed because they each have a weak spot.  Although, if they are not wounded, they will continue to live forever.

Once the Annunaki rescinded into the depths of space and the downfall of the Sumerian empire was imminent, a group of the immortal hybrids incorporated into a secret society called the Brothers of Ur.  They have been around ever since the conception on Earth as an alien-human hybrid.   I don't know if they lack the ability to make their own offspring or they just haven't as a means of retaining their powerful and magical secret, but the originals are all that ever were as far as the Brothers of Ur.  Although, they have taken human form and they blend into normal society, they have occasional meetings during which all of the brothers unite to invigorate their magic and assure that it is kept a deep secret.  At their most recent meeting the forged new rings and although I know this ring looks kind of old in human years, but in the years of the hybrids these rings are actually brand new.  Then again, you see things in an entirely differently scope of reality when you are an immortal.  Take it from me.

I discovered this piece during an investigation of the Abbey Villers-la-Ville.  It is the largest part of the ruins of a monastery in Belgium.  I did the investigation with a sorcerer whose name is Finn, who is actually a bit younger than myself, but only slightly less powerful.  Together we were able to pin point the psychic sonar we were both given from this piece.  When we found the piece, it was it a tiny cedar chest, but wasn't locked.  On the inside was this piece nestled in a bed of straw.  On the band you will see figures that represent the hybrids and the original Brothers of Ur.  I'm not so sure why this piece was left behind.  Maybe on of their own has been vanquished so there isn't need for the extra?  I couldn't tell you for certain.  The only that I am 100% certain of is the fact that I have this ring and that it holds all the powers of the Brothers of Ur.   

The secret society, Brothers of Ur travel freely among the stars and star systems, as well as other planets and planetary systems.  They have been given ancient techniques of harvesting solar energy, of which there is a bountiful supply. These are the secrets that this piece will open up for you.  There are ancient secret powers and hidden knowledge embedded throughout the universe in star cluster or on moons of foreign planets or in milky ways, or anywhere.  This piece will allow you to astrally project your spiritual self into outer space so that way you can travel to far away places to explore.  You will encounter secret powers and abilities, truths, knowledge, and powers.  You will even encounter ancient astral maps that will lead to you clusterings of power that will bring you powers that include, but are certainly NOT limited to:

-advanced healing methods (both spiritual and physical)
-DNA alchemy and the ability to change your spiritual and/or physical appearance
-stellar alchemy to be able to harvest and transform the freestanding energy in our universe into any power you want it to be
-time manipulation to be able to render time in your favor that way you can either travel through time as you please or use it to change your own destiny.


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