Hypnotic Manifestation

Hypnotic Manifestation

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This piece has been made with teal green turquoise.  We believe the rest of the necklace is coral, but we are not 100% on that.   Read below for the amazing power present in this piece!!

The turquoise in this piece has been energetically charged with hypnosis energy.  This ability to access this energy comes from ancient Vedic texts that were written to allow mortals to access these energies.  Originally, these powers were only accessible by the gods.  This energy will allow you to put yourself into a state of hypnosis.  During this state of hypnosis, the subconscious will come forward, completing a full scan of the body.  It will redirect cosmic energies from the universe into your body, allowing autonomous healing.  This practice has mostly been used for spiritual healing and subconscious enlightenment.  However, there have been cases where this type of autonomous healing has led to the healing of physical ailments as well.  The general idea is that once you are spiritually healing, the physical healing comes as a result of the spiritual.  

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