I think it was more like Led Zepplin or the Ojays! Def Leppard, Lord have mercy!!!!!
I think it was more like Led Zepplin or the Ojays! Def Leppard, Lord have mercy!!!!!

I think it was more like Led Zepplin or the Ojays! Def Leppard, Lord have mercy!!!!!

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The Tower of Babel was an implement that was built by the ancients as a means of reaching Heaven.  There are those that think the tower of Babel was an actual tower, and in some instance it was.  However, there is way possible to build a tower large enough that it would reach into the Heavens.  By the account of the Bible, this is exactly what the people did after the Great Flood.  As it is written, though, there is a double meaning to exactly what the Tower of Babel was.  
On the contrary, the Tower of Babel was a magic that was designed by the most powerful sorcerers of the world.  After the flood, the peoples of the Earth all spoke the same language, meaning that there was a universal magic that was known to all.  This universal magic was the language of chant and incantation that could literally put the masses into a heightened state of awareness, allowing them to "reach Heaven" or become like God.
When God saw what they people were doing, he did not like it one bit.  He banished these sorcerers to the ends of the Earth and through confounding their speech disallows them to communicate any further.  Metaphorically speaking, what actually happened was that God took what was one uniform source of magic and divided it up into smaller forms of magic.  Through mastering each individual type of magic, one could overcome humanity to "reach Heaven" and become like God.  However, he these truths throughout many different magics of the world, making it nearly impossible for any single person to achieve this magic.  
Enter Theophilus of Adana.  He was said to have sold his soul to the Devil for an Ecclesiastical position.  While this might have been true, his immortality was also a part of the deal.  During his tenure in the Ecclesiastic leadership, his studies allowed him to delve more in-depth into the history of the Tower of Bable and to earn more about the secret knowledge the high priests held.  This is how he was able to learn that the mystery of the Bable Tower was more than just a physical occurrence, it was also tied to a very potent type of magic.  
Theophilus has spent his days searching the whole world over for the many types of magic that would combine all magics together.  Nearly 2000 years later and he has finally achieved what he set out to accomplish, creating keys that will allow the person who uses them to unlock the door to the tower and climb their way to Heaven.  Ironically, the song Stairway to Heaven, written by Def Leppard ( OMG) was inspired by Theophilus journey and the fact that chasing spiritualism instead of materialism will aid you along your journey of magic if that is what you want... just a sidebar.  
The keys that Theophilus made are items that hold all the fragmented magic that has to come together in order to recreate the Tower of Babel and allow you to become like God.  We have just one of these pieces.  I'm not saying that getting another one is outside of the realm of possibility, but we worked really hard on getting this one, so now is your chance. 
When you wear this piece, it will bring all those lost magics together.  I'm not talking the ability to judge people or condemn them to Hell.  Rather, this piece gives you the ability to create.  You can create magic.  You can create entities.  Just as God has created things, you can create.  This is all thanks to the fact that you gain the power that sits at the center of the universe, the same power that God used to create the universe.  In the beginning, there was nothing but void.   You will no longer be void in your magical abilities. These wil appear like symbols in your mind and will form what looks like a globe, round map. The symbols, letters and unusual pictures will move together creating one string with what loos like hands. You will then be empowered magically fully!
This piece is old and in sterling silver. I placed a light on the stone so you could see the color.

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