Illuminati Transfer of Magic at the BBMAs
Illuminati Transfer of Magic at the BBMAs

Illuminati Transfer of Magic at the BBMAs

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If you're into pop culture, then this piece should pretty relevant, if you're not, well-- this piece should still be pretty relevant.  This is because the powers that are in this piece have been developed by Illuminati masterminds, using ancient magic that they obtained from otherworldly sources.  If you watched the Billboard Music Awards this weekend, then you will understand what I am talking about completely.  It was rife with Illuminati and occult symbolism, but they always are so this in and of itself doesn't really seem to make much of a difference.  However, this year something extraordinary happened right before the eyes of millions of viewers and they didn't even know it.  
As the show went on, it came time for a performance by Christina Aguilera and the Demi Lovato.  The older of the two, Aguilera, was donning her signature white hair and Lovato was donning her signature black hair.  They were surrounded by brigade of police, symbolizing the one world government and the control that the Illuminati holds over the entire world.  As the two sang explicit lyrics such as "you don't owe them your body and your soul" and "they'll burn her at the stake for doing this."  This alone is enough to portend the mind control and body slavery that is going on behind the scenes.  
As the duo sang on and the "black hole sun" was illuminated behind them, the two embraced and this was symbolic of Aguilera passing the torch to the younger Demi Lovato Aguilera went on to join the ranks of the enlightened and Demi Lovato was given the powers to keep the mission of the Illuminati on Earth alive and well.  The clashing of light vs dark symbolizes the reconciliation of opposites as a dual magic is passed from the older generation to the new.  
At the end of the ceremony, it is safe to say that Lovato has left with the Illuminati magic that once belonged to Aguilera, as Aguilera went to join her spot with the elder of the Illuminati.  She is now a controller of the controlled and has become a goddess in him her own right.   She has completed her transformation.  It will be up to Lovato (and others, this was just ONE instance) to keep the magic alive in lieu of the older generation who are replicating their powers, as they gain more powers by completely transforming.  
We have a celebrity informant who has provided us with this piece, rather hastily.  The powers in this piece come from the transfer of powers ceremony that was done live last night.  This piece holds all of the powers that were transferred from Aguilera to Lovato.  These powers include ancient dual magic-- both white magic and black magic of the Illuminati.  
This is an ancient magic that holds the presence of a divine DNA makeover.  This makeover will give you the powers and abilities to become like your own gods and goddesses, just as Christina did.  This includes the powers of alchemy of the soul that will allow you to create your own magical powers and abilities.  This is the same power that the Illuminati has used for years to control the minds of others, to create wealth, to practice blood rituals, and to gain the ancient knowledge of the universe.  It is extremely powerful and can be used to accomplish many things.      
This is sterling silver with Labradorite. This is really beautiful and powerful!

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