I'm now going to remove some of your brain.
I'm now going to remove some of your brain.

I'm now going to remove some of your brain.

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I know a lady that needs this piece really bad! You know who you are and you should be sending me pictures of potential men! I can psychically swipe left and right for you! You need this or me! 

For those who need this here, it is. This is about illusion. Illusion is a power that some people have, they can see through the bullshit and they are dead on.  They know when people are lying and they know how to locate hidden things. They make the best detectives because they just seem to know people! They just KNOW them. They can tell instantly by looking at someone who they really are. Are they a liar, a player or just a really bad person. This is a really serious psychic ability and trust me when I say it comes in use a lot in life.

If you are single it is very useful because why waste time on someone? If you work around a lot of people this will also be a lifesaver to you.

People that can do this naturally are believed to have a part of their brain missing. I really believe I have some brain matter gone, that's for sure!

I will tell you something that happened to me this week with no names and some of the details changed.

I had this person email me out of the blue wanting to buy an item. They wanted a discount and if the person is nice I usually do it unless it is already inexpensive enough then I'm like, sorry but no. Here is the thing, they spoke so sickeningly sweet to me and then went on about how they have no money and blah blah. They went on about health issues, not working and not having money at all. They went on about my family and all this sickening crap. I can smell a fraud a mile away because I have that ability. I let them go on but then PMS kicked in a day later when they emailed me again. I told them off and I wasn't nice. I'm sure it was a shock to them. First of all the person doesn't know me like some of you do. You know I'm not taking any bullshit. Most of my customers I have had for more than 15 plus years. I must do something right. If you come to me and I know you with an issue I will do the best I can. If you come at me with all your business and I don't know you well depending on my mood it could end in tragedy! I also think if you can't afford to feed yourself you need to pay your bills first before asking for an item that doesn't even give wealth! I mean come the hell on! I wasn't born yesterday and I can't stand to even see this person's email. Also there is a layaway if you want it that bad. If your asking for a discount fine but don't come at with lies, I smell them! When I don't listen to myself I always regret it. Like with that foul woman who was on the CH forum years ago. So many donated to her criminal ass because she said she had a brain tumor but I felt it was a lie. I called the hospital she was supposedly in and no such person. I asked could I send flowers, no because they are not allowed. Can I send a stuffed animal, not my thing but hey. Of course, I couldn't because she wasn't there. 

The bottom line is don't get taken by some foul stank guy who is using you or some freak on the internet. Protect yourself without losing your brain.

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