Immaculate Flower of Lives

Immaculate Flower of Lives

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Today I will be offering all costume pieces. These ones have been done differently, because we have created an energy to put into them that will allow the powers that we have put into them to be placed into a different piece, using a charging box. We did this for two reasons-- 1.) If you don't feel like wearing costume and you'd rather have this power in sterling or gold, you can create it. 2.) To make them more affordable. Remember, the 2018 Christmas sale ends in 6 days-- use code "xmas18" at checkout for 50% off this item until 01/01/19.

The Immaculate Flower of Lives is a magical flower that grows in a garden that only is accessible through using ancient Kabbalah techniques and magic. The Immaculate Garden is kind of like the Garden of Eden except it hasn't been adulterated by human presence. The Garden of Eden is not the only Holy Garden that God has created. He is multi-faceted. He has many Gardens. This one is only home to flowers and other plant life that hold the presence of his magic. This piece contains the presence of the Immaculate Flower of Lives. This is because it comes from the Immaculate Garden and it holds the ability to travel to each one of your lives.

This piece holds the ability to allow you to travel to each one of your lives that could have been possible. These lives are all vastly different than the life you live now. They are all alternative realities that you could be living, but you are not because of choice you have made or for whatever reason. This piece allows you to travel through those lives and experience what it would have been like. It also will allow you to manifest the parts of your other lives that you like the most into the life that you live now. For instance, maybe you were some corporate bigwig in another life and you want that wealth to be manifested into this life. The piece will allow you to do that. After all, they are all your energies.

Another thing you will likely encounter when using this piece is powers in your other lives that lie dormant in your current life. Whatever those powers are, this piece allows you to manifest those is your current life, as well. The powers in this piece are like having your cake and eating it, too!

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